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Card Tricks for Audiences That Don't Like Cards
by Sam Dalal

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Card Tricks for Audiences That Don't Like Cards by Sam Dalal

If you think packet card effects are "hot", but some of your audience don't, you should read this book. Many very good packet card effects do not find favor with some audiences. Kids don't understand playing cards. Teenagers of the fairer sex just don't "dig" card tricks (or most magic tricks for that matter). Many ladies will hide a polite yawn. As will some gentlemen when preoccupied with more "spiritual" pastimes.

But a slight twist in the tale could change their perception. And this is what this manuscript aims at. Here are your (and my) favorite packet tricks, "dressed to please". I have made and sold some of these for years. Others are published here for the first time. I have made every one of these effects, and what you need to make them for yourself is here.

There are performers who have no time, inclination or aptitude for any D-I-Y props. This manuscript is not for them. There are performers who love tinkering with odds and ends to produce something they are happy to use, and when asked after a performance at the local "Houdini get-together" where they got it, can proudly claim "Oh, I made it!" Or maybe you have a better idea than those in this book, and can now implement it in minutes.

Some effects require no more than the initial set-up, and correctly following the detailed presentation. We even built the "cue cards" into the props where required. Others require very basic sleights, like the Double Lift, or an Elmsley Count. We presume any performer perusing packet card tricks will be familiar with these, so we have refrained from padding this manuscript with additional instructions for these basic moves.

All you need to do is to print out the "templates" for the items that catch your fancy, cut them out, and perform them. And I have included comprehensive instructions for doing that. After you have made and used an idea or two, you will probably have ideas of your own. So I have included the "blank templates" I used, which will enable you to rig up your own ideas with minimum effort.

This manuscript has everything you require to make and perform these effects, (or other variations of your own) except a color printer and the card stock. We give the details and results of the trials we went through, so you can benefit from the suggestions, avoid mistakes, and save yourself some time on the trial and error.

Fair Use: It is expected that you make any or all the items in this manuscript for your own use. It is also permissible if you make a few sets to give your friends, or even sell these to them, to recover what you paid for this manuscript. Pick anything that catches your fancy, print it out, and have fun!

  • Introduction
  • The Basics
  • Three Canaries and the Cat
  • Three Bunnies and the Wolf
  • Spelling Bee, with a Sting!
  • The Magic Zoo
  • Fairies and Witches
  • Don't Drink and Drive
  • Fox in the Henhouse
  • Blank Templates

1st edition 2024, PDF 34 pages.
word count: 6624 which is equivalent to 26 standard pages of text