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The Bunco Book
by Walter Gibson

#1 Gambling author

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The Bunco Book by Walter Gibson

#1 in Gambling hot-list

Gaffed games, clever cons, sensational swindles - how to spot the bunco artist before he cheats you.

This may well be the greatest exposé of gambling methods, swindles, confidence games and carnival midway hustles ever published. No matter if you're a magician, gambler, carnival midway patron (or operator), law enforcement professional, or simply want to protect yourself, you're going to enjoy this book.

Especially valuable to those with an interest in carnival and gaming paraphernalia are the methods used to gaff the devices as sold back in the day by H. C. Evans, K. C. Card Co., and others. This information makes for fascinating reading.

In addition to bunco scams and carnival games, the book also covers marked cards, roulette, crooked dice, and much more.

Makes a great gift for that hard-to-please gambling enthusiast, magician, or law enforcement professional on your gift list.

Sold for information only. Not to be used for any illegal purpose.

"Flim-flam methods of con men, short changers, carnivals, crooked gamblers, and swindlers. Valuable data for all." - Mike Kanter

"A fine collection of exposures. Highly interesting reading." - Tom Bowyer

  • Don't Be a Sucker
  • The Gold Brick Game
  • The Violin Fraud
  • Selling a Business
  • Sales Swindle
  • Panhandling Deluxe
  • Methods of "Short Changers" Exposed
  • Inside Information on Jam Auctions
  • Endless Chains
  • The Jewelry Swindle
  • Souvenir Schemes
  • Swindling Storekeepers
  • Finding a Diamond
  • All About Carnival Games
  • Carny Lingo
  • Spotting the Spot
  • The Famous Silver Arrow
  • The Country Store Wheel
  • The Devil's Bowling Alley
  • The Automatic Bowling Alley
  • The Three Marble Roll Down
  • Phony Advertisements
  • The Game of Hoop Tossing
  • Aunt Sarah's Clothes Line
  • The Famous Knife Rack
  • The Game of Cats on the Rack
  • The Tilting Roly-Poly Board
  • Mitt Camps
  • "Honest John" or "The Drop Case"
  • The Deceptive Baseball Rack
  • The Shell Game
  • The Hurdle Ladder
  • Carnival Roulette
  • The Cone and Baseball Swindle
  • The Cigarette Shooting Gallery
  • The Famous Three Pin Game
  • Ring a Watch, Take It Home
  • The Coin and the Tenpin
  • The Game Called "Big Tom"
  • The Hand Striker
  • The Whirling Spindle
  • "Pop 'Em in the Bucket"
  • The Well-Known String Game
  • The Miniature Race Course
  • Game of Red, White and Blue
  • Throwing Darts
  • The Wheel of Chance
  • The Game of Color Combination
  • The Six Ball Roll Down
  • The Standard Spindle Game
  • The Game of English Pool
  • The Tricky Tumbler
  • The Game of Fish Pond
  • The Swinging Ball and the Ten-Pin
  • Selling Soap
  • The Lucky Pocketbook
  • Facts About Roulette
  • The Pocket Roulette Wheel
  • Miniature Roulette
  • Covered Roulette
  • Facts and Figures on Punch Boards
  • The Alluring Slot Machines
  • Cigar Counter Dice Game
  • Matching Coins
  • Crooked Dice
  • Marked Cards
  • Cards Marked in Manufacture
  • How Gamblers Win at Poker
  • Card Sharps Exposed
  • Put and Take
  • About the Author
  • Recommended Titles

Revised edition includes a new chapter, more illustrations, and additional new content.

1st edition 1927, PDF 153 pages.
word count: 55366 which is equivalent to 221 standard pages of text

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