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by Jozsef Kovacs


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Cardophilia by Jozsef Kovacs

This ebook teaches 16 card tricks. Some of the tricks need special accessories but you can easily print them on your home computer.

Angle on Angle on Angle on
With the help of two cards, the magician predicts which card will be randomly chosen by the spectator and predicts the sum of the value of the helper cards and the chosen card and the named number.

A clown card jumps three times through three blank faced cards and after this the performer explains the trick: the blank faced cards are really three coiled springs (the blank face cards change into three coiled springs).

Four Cops
Two spectators select two cards and they are lost in the deck. The performer shows four Jokers and turns two of them face up and the other two face down. The two face up Jokers change into the two selections and the disappeared Jokers appear face up in the middle of the face down deck.

Four Jokers to Four Aces
The four Jokers magically change into the four Aces.

Holy Holey
It is a hole matrix: the performer punches four holes in the four corners of the selected card and the four holes travel in one corner.

I Don't Do Anything
A spectator selects a card from the deck and puts it back. The card is lost in the deck. The magician shows three glasses with three silks of different color and he places three cards in each glass. The spectators freely names two colors and the performer eliminates the cards from the glasses which contains the named silks. The three remaining cards are put in the three glasses. The spectators again name two colors and the performer again eliminates two cards. The one remaining card is the chosen card.

Two spectators select two cards which are lost in the deck. The performer finds the first chosen card and places it on the table but he can not find the second card. He spreads the cards face up and he brings out a magnifier to help him find the second spectator’s card but the card disappeared from the deck. The first spectator’s card changed into the second selection and the first chosen card appeared in the magician’s wallet.

Olympic Cards
The magician shows five cards with five different color rings on their faces. Four rings disappear from four cards and they appear on the fifth card forming the Olympic Five Rings.

On the back of a card, a bottle and a boat appear magically and after this the boat goes into the bottle.

A spectator selects a card which is then lost in the middle of the deck. The magician finds the selection and places it below the card box and after this the selection disappears.

Right Prediction
This is my variation of Peter Duffie’s An Unexpected Prediction, which was published in Effortless Card Magic.

The performer places two Jokers into the card box. A spectator selects a card which is then lost in the deck. The chosen card appears between the two boxed Jokers.

Let's Meet in St. Nicholas
The performer introduces a deck and two Jokers. Between the Jokers appear the two red Aces and the two Jokers visually change into the two black Aces. The performer produces the disappeared Jokers from his pocket.

Thank You!
The magician introduces a deck of cards and an empty card box. After this, he places the four Aces into the box. The performer shuffles the deck and asks a spectator to count the cards randomly on the table from the shuffled deck and then to make four piles from the counted cards and to place an Ace on top of each pile. The spectator opens the box to bring them out and to place them on the piles but the Aces are not in the box: there is only a blank face card with a writing on its face: IT’S DONE. THANK YOU! After this, they verify that the Aces are really on the top of the four piles.

The performer shows eight red backed Jokers and one by one, four Jokers turn face up and their backs change into blue. The magician tables the four blue backed Jokers. The faces of other four Jokers disappear and their backs change into blue too. The backs of the four tabled Jokers change into four different backs.

Washing Powder
A spectator selects a card from the face up deck and then puts it back face down into the face up deck. The performer spreads the deck on the table and asks the spectator what she thinks which her card is. The spectator says that the face down card is her card but when she turns it face up she sees that on this card there is a writing: ‘The chosen card is in the magician’s pocket’. After this the magician produces the selection from his pocket.

1st edition 2007; 28 pages.
word count: 8197 which is equivalent to 32 standard pages of text

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