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Effortless Card Magic
by Peter Duffie


(4 customer ratings) ★★★★★

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Effortless Card Magic by Peter Duffie

Effortless is probably just as apropriate or misleading as self-working. It doesn't mean that these tricks don't require any effort on your side. You have to read the descriptions, remember the sequence of actions and perform the act - entertain, which in my book is neither self-working nor effortless. But what these terms try to convey is that you will not need to master difficult moves or finger breaking sleights to perform these effects. And they are very good effects. Often an 'effortless' trick can be performed to greater effect because the performer can pay more attention to audience managment, patter, presentation a.s.o.

This is a great book, originally published by Richard Kaufman, now available as searchable and hyperlinked ebook.

  • Introduction To Electronic Edition
  • Introduction
  • Preface
  • Chapter One A Blind Table Cut
    • A Blind Table Cut
    • The Combo Mix
    • An Effortless Card Control
    • A Blind Overhand Shuffle
  • Chapter Two Effortless Productions
    • From Nowhere
    • When Random Cards Collide!
    • Aces Take The Plunge
    • Return To St. Nicholas
    • Girdwood Meets St. Nicholas
  • Chapter Three Magic In Color
    • Different Class
    • The Master Cards
    • Double-Ender
    • Color Blind
    • We Can Work It Out
  • Chapter Four Coincidence Or What?
    • The Unknown Entity
    • Matchical Mix
    • Mirror Power
    • Two Way Mirror
    • An Interesting Use Of That Principle
  • Chapter Five Lie Detection
    • Divided We Lie
    • The Lie Detective
    • Lie Stebbins
    • Lie Stebbins Plus!
  • Chapter Six Quartets
    • Effortless Count-Down
    • Men-Aces
    • Aces Are Ace
    • Aces In The Fast Lane
    • A Four Ace Ensemble
    • The Fourmost
  • Chapter Seven Looking Ahead
    • The Diary Of Delusion
    • All The Fives!
    • Back To The Future Packet
    • The Winning Formula
    • Weird Image
  • Chapter Eight Single Revelations
    • Leaping Tom
    • The Backwards Almanac
    • Dead Certain Location
    • The Short Deck Baffler
    • Trost-Worthy
    • The Automatic Locator
    • The Apparition
  • Chapter Nine Double Revelations
    • Before You Die
    • Super Duplex Count-Down
    • Mystic Seven
    • The Magnet
    • Thinking And Sinking
    • Double-Stuck
  • Chapter Ten From Here To Here
    • Clear To The Point
    • M.I.M.C.
    • An Unexpected Prediction
    • Four Card Monte
    • A Transposition?
    • Get Back!
  • Chapter Eleven Mystic Spells
    • The Card Of The Oracle
    • Spell Or Deal, It's Up To You!
    • The Spectator Makes A Sandwich!
    • Settling The Score
    • Spell-Raiser
    • Marty’s Miracle
  • Chapter Twelve Thanks To Hofzinser
    • Loyal Marriages
    • Return To Suabia
    • Remembrance
    • Hands Off Hofzinser!
    • Hofzinser On The Up
    • Hofzinser By Stealth
    • Vanished Or Gone
  • Chapter Thirteen Thanks To Hummer
    • Still Scheming
    • The Dream Machine
    • The Mindreader's Reality
    • The Mindreader's Wisdom
  • Chapter Fourteen Unclassified Secrets
    • A Popular Misconception
    • An Odd Occurrence
    • Backfire Poker
    • A Plain Sandwich
    • Hudson’s Hawk
    • Some Might Say
    • Torn, Folded, And Sealed
    • Hellraiser II

1st edition 1997; 163 pages.
word count: 66890 which is equivalent to 267 standard pages of text