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Cards in Action
by Shaun Yee

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Cards in Action by Shaun Yee

Excerpt from the introduction:

This is a book on card magic. It is not for the all-thumbs newcomer as the effects and routines contained herein require the ability to execute smoothly, various sneaky sleights such as the deceptive buckle-count, the convincing false-shuffle, the confusing multiple-cut, the quiet side-steal, the casual double-lift and so on.

Though this book deals primarily with sleight-of-hand effects and routines, a really effective magical programme of card entertainment should be well-balanced with sleight-of-hand tricks and one or two non-sleight effects. By the latter, I do not mean mathematical headaches or sleep-inducing counting tricks; rather I mean self-working effects elevated by brilliant routining and excellent presentation, such as the fine "DO AS I DO" routine with two decks of cards and a helpful volunteer.

A good strong effect or routine does not necessarily have to rely on difficult sleights. Subtlety, clever routining and intelligent application of psychology are just as, if not even more, important. A good example is "OUT OF THIS WORLD". As wise wand-wielders have echoed through the ages, "the easier the method, the better; and presentation should be the important thing". I agree.

Sleights should always be a means to an end only, not to be displayed to show how diligently the performer has been exercising his fingers. This is not to be confused with performing effects that are meant to be showy, as for example, some versions of "CUTTING TO THE ACES". The effect can be showy, but the sleights should always be invisible.

That is why I recommend using self-working effects occasionally. You use them to confuse your audience, especially should they be watching you with unblinking vulture eyes after your last successful coup. That way, they will be looking for sneaky moves that are non-existent!

  • About Myself
  • Author's Note
  • Introduction
  • Part One (Sleights)
    • A False Deal Addition
    • Double-Cut Controls
    • The Buckle Count
    • The Flip-Over Steal
    • The Riffle-Shuffle Glimpse
  • Part Two (Startlers)
    • The Chameleon Card
    • The Phantom Card Routine
    • An Instant Appearance
    • Reversed Card Rise
    • The Invisible Cards
  • Part Three (More Startlers)
    • Coincidence Repeated
    • Jumping Jacks
    • Two Cards Transposition Routine
    • Ultimate Deck Control
    • Card-In-Wallet Prediction
  • Part Four (The Aces)
    • Aces Discovery
    • The Elusive Aces
    • The Penetrating Aces
    • The Appearing Aces
  • Part Five
    • The Mystery Of The Hindu-Shuffle
    • The Oriental-Shuffle
    • An Oriental Gambler's Deal

1st edition 1983, 48 pages; PDF 58 pages.
word count: 24845 which is equivalent to 99 standard pages of text

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