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Chan Canasta Live on Television March 18th 1960 (for resale)
by Chan Canasta

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Chan Canasta Live on Television March 18th 1960 (for resale) by Chan Canasta

The download DVD is a complete Chan Canasta television broadcast from a 1960's BBC TV Show. You see a professional entertainer perform, how he controls his spectators, and how he builds up the effects.

Chan first performs a few card effects and closes with a book test. In the beginning spectators take a few cards each and Canasta divines which cards each one has. Then two spectators take one card from a full deck each and they magically take the same card. Later a spectator takes two cards from a deck and puts each one in one of his pockets, without Canasta looking, but again Canasta knows which cards have been taken and the spectator can decide in which pocket each card is. Exactly as the spectator wishes the cards are found in the according pocket.

duration 30 minutes

I just wanted to say a huge THANK YOU for keeping the work of the brilliant Chan Canasta alive and accessible. On one hand, I hope no one listens or learns anything about what Canasta did. I pray most think such work daring and impossible. I wish this for purely selfish reasons, of course. But I must say that we were at a sincere loss in magic and mentalism without access to any of the Canasta performances or material. You deserve much accolades for keeping those of us secret "Chan Fans" happy and supplied. You have always been, Martin, a true champion of magic and mentalism; of top performers and creator's rights. It is a thrill, and only proper then that you should be the one to keep the Canasta Legacy going. I cannot thank you enough for this and all you continue to do for our arts. Thanks and My Best - Kenton Knepper, USA

This Canasta DVD is incredible to watch. The book is the perfect compliment. Thanks for all the work. Best regards, - Henry Carlyle, USA

What a fantastic piece of magic history to be able to watch over and over again. The quality is amazing. Thanks again. - Richard Carrigan, Tyne & Wear

Canasta DVD landed yesterday, what can I say? Brilliant!!!!! - Daniel Curtin, Dublin

"Many thanks Chan Canasta DVD received - it's great! It brought back many memories - in fact this particular last show of Chan Canasta was one that stuck in my memory as youngster and motivated me to master the classic force and experiment with psychological forces. One of my personal favourites which I have performed on many an occasion is the unseen cards to pocket. I loved the Nostalgia of seeing Chan after all these years - it really is sheer brilliance in terms of his presentation and observation of human behaviour which really is a lesson to be learned." - Mike McMullan, West Midlands, UK

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