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Chandu: Episodes 15 & 16

by Frank Dahm
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Chandu: Episodes 15 & 16 by Frank Dahm

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These two episodes have been digitally restored and remastered. Each episode has had the major clicks, pops and distortions removed while preserving the vintage sound.

The Wizard of Kalahari
Trouble is brewing in Nairobi. Farmers are fleeing their lands because of a terrible wizard. Everywhere they turn, they see crosse bones... the mark of the fearsome sorcerer! In desperation, the British Consul turns to the one man who can help them and defeat this evil: Agent Frank Chandler! The agents of the wizard are so bold they kill Frank Chandler as he steps from the train... but they did not count on the power of the Three Times Three commanded by Chandu the Magician!

For the first time in the series, there is a hint that Chandu's powers may be more closely tied to stage magic than true mysticism.

Originally broadcast 12/10/49

Terror on the Negev Desert
Sharp eared listeners will note that this broadcast introduces a new theme song (lifted from the 1934 Return of Chandu serial starring Bela Lugosi). White robed assassins are targeting Jewish settlers in the Negev and the Israeli government suspects Jordan. However, protesting their innocence, Jordanian officials turn to Frank Chandler to uncover the real culprits. Has a legendary cult of drug using assassins been reborn? Can Chandu the Magician help establish peace in the Middle East? This is perhaps the most violent and politically charged episode in the series of 30 minute episodes.

Originally broadcast 12/17/49

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