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Chandu: Episodes 19 & 20
by Sam Dann

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Chandu: Episodes 19 & 20 by Sam Dann

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These two episodes have been digitally restored and remastered. Each episode has had the major clicks, pops and distortions removed while preserving the vintage sound.

Clever Jeff Adams
Chandu now finds himself in exotic Hong Kong facing an entire type of spy. The clever, clever Jeff Adams does not have a foreign allegiance and he is not lured into espionage by money. Jeff Adams engages in espionage, murder and deception simply because he enjoys feeling superior to other men! Now, he matches wits with Agent Frank Chandler and an American reporter named Aggie, in Hong Kong for her wedding but unable to resist a great story!

Originally broadcast 08/02/50

Henri, the Dress Designer
Despite the fact that there is no similarity between the two episodes, this story and the next are often confused by radio collectors and historians.

Frank Chandler has just wrapped up a case in Paris. As he and his assistant Dorothy are filing the reports, Chandu receives a mysterious phone call begging for his help. Spies, says the voice, are after him. After a clandestine contact at a café, Chandu and Dorothy are led to not a scientist or secret agent, but Henri, the dress maker. He is desperate to keep his latest creation secret and turns to Chandu for help. Of course, Chandu does not see why a dress is as important as atomic secrets...but it turns out to be important enough to lead to murder!

Originally broadcast 08/09/50