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Chandu: Episodes 21, 22 & 23
by Sam Dann

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Chandu: Episodes 21, 22 & 23 by Sam Dann

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These two episodes have been digitally restored and remastered. Each episode has had the major clicks, pops and distortions removed while preserving the vintage sound.

Black Market Hijackers
For no reason that anyone can figure, there are suddenly shortages of goods all over the country. Perhaps they are simply caused by innocent rumors, perhaps not. Either way, a group is moving to corner the black market of the most highly sought after items. Washington sends Frank Chandler to investigate the murder of a truck driver and his missing load of tires in the hopes that it is the key to unlocking the mystery of who is behind the black market hijackings. Maybe a regular agent could not piece it together, but as we all know, Frank Chandler is no ordinary agent!

Originally broadcast 08/16/50

Dr. Coleman...Alias Dr. Bauer?
Not even Chandu’s amazing powers can save him when a brash, annoying American rubber executive corners him at a Bolivian bar and locks him into a mindless, self serving conversation. However, more than just an annoyance, this conversation leads Agent Frank Chandler into a chance meeting with Dr. Coleman. Is he simply the physician attending a wealthy rubber plantation owner after her breakdown or is he the escaped Nazi war criminal Chandler has been sent to find?

Originally broadcast 08/23/50

Naval Drug Fraud
A would be journalist sends a wire to Washington begging for Chandu to come to meet her. However, by the time Chandu arrives the next day she has been murdered! Without even knowing why she summoned him, can Chandu the Magician determine why she was killed and who pulled the trigger?

Although this episode does contain a preview, it is the last episode of Chandu the Magician known to exist and seems to be the last episode produced. The age of the mystical adventure serials was over and audiences preferred westerners and more realistic detective stories. A sudden cancellation would not have been unheard of in the world of network radio.

Originally broadcast 08/30/50