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Charles W. Cameron

(Scotland: 31st October 1927 - 7th January 2001)

Bizarrist magician. Considered the godfather of bizarre magic and a close friend of Tony Andruzzi. Aka "Daemon". He was a founding member of the Edinburgh Magic Circle working alongside with Roy Scott and Harry Burnside. Charles was owner and curator of the Edinburgh Wax Museum on the Royal Mile from 1976 to 1989.

Charles scripted and narrated his own weekly show, titled "Friday Frighteners" on Radio Forth. In addition, he prepared daily and weekly horoscopes for Radio Forth for several years and did a weekly hour-long phone in show on astrology. He scripted and narrated numerous programs on the supernatural for Radio Forth and the BBC. On Radio Forth he also had his own show "Beyond the Unknown". "Beyond the Unknown" lasted for four series. The first three series consisted of twenty-five programs and the fourth was a collection of ghost stories.

Edited The Cauldron 1967-68. Wrote 13 booklets: Witches Brew (1967, 36pp), Handbook of Horror (1969, 43pp), 'Mind' Your Magic (1972, 64pp), Devil's Diary (1976), Macabre and Mental Mysteries (1981), and Castle Dracula Mentalism (1997, 87pp). Tricks in Swami (1973-74).

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Charles W. Cameron
Witches' Brew by Charles W. Cameron

Dedicated to those kindred spirits who also tread the seldom trod paths of strange and unearthly magic. This weird concoction, known as 'Witches' Brew', is offered to necromancers, sorcerers, and all those nighthawks who dabble in the strange and mysterious. Long may your midnight oil burn and your candles splutter in your pursuit of the Forbidden Arts.

  • The Power Of The Pentagram
  • Out Of The Body
  • Ten Talons Of Taz
  • Power Of The Mummy
  • Ritual Of El Shaitan
  • Old Mother Long Nose
  • Pages From The Book Of Thoth
  • Mirror Of Fate
  • Dial H .....! For Hell
  • Catch Me A Demon
  • The Whispering Skull ...
★★★★ $10
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Charles W. Cameron
Macabre and Mental Mysteries by Charles W. Cameron

Excerpt from the foreword:

I prefer subtleties rather than sleights and the effects in this book follow the same pattern. You may be assured that none of the effects are 'pipe dreams' ... they have all been audience tested. There is a tremendous interest these days in the Strange and Unusual and the contents of this book will, I hope, enable you to convince your audience that you possess curious powers and unusual abilities.

  • Foreword
  • Part One: Satanic Sorcery
    • Introduction
    • Riches By Sorcery
    • Spirit Photography
    • Cards Of Horror
    • Saint Or Devil?
    • Stab In The Dark
    • Key Of Fate
    • Mentalism...
★★★★ $12
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Charles W. Cameron
Handbook of Horror by Charles W. Cameron

Dedicated to all who love the macabre. A handbook for modern sorcerers and necromancers, a devil's diary of spells and incantations, for those who like to dabble in the strange and uncanny. Handbook of Horror carries on the tradition of Witches' Brew but in a rather more horrific manner!

  • Foreword
  • Burn Witch Burn
  • The Power Of Ra Mentaz
  • Cards Of Chance
  • The Invisible Visible
  • Behold ... Bewitchment
  • Call Back The Dead
  • Beyond The Grave
  • Through Space And Time
  • Invocation
  • The Ghostly Finger Writes
  • Slide Rule Astrology
  • Slide Rule Astrology
  • Manikin Macabre
  • Conclusion

1st edition 1969,...

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Charles W. Cameron
Devil's Diary by Charles W. Cameron

From the preface:

Like its predecessors, Witches' Brew and Handbook of Horror, this book, Devil's Diary is intended for those who like to dabble in the UNKNOWN, for necromancers and sorcerers and all who haunt the blackness of the night in their attempts to conjure up shadowy shapes from the strange World of the Beyond.

The only ingredients required to cast the necessary spells are Imagination, the ability to weave a suitable tale of the Uncanny and the various methods contained within these covers.

The following pages from Lucifer's library should enable you to perform a few seemingly...

★★★★★ $15
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Charles W. Cameron
Castle Dracula Mentalism by Charles W. Cameron

Here are the secrets of Charles Cameron's stunning Castle Dracula Show. Charles Cameron is well known as the father of modern Bizarre magic. And for years, in a specially-built theatre at the Edinburgh Wax Museum, he and his group produced an amazing show which included brilliant original effects.

The show was honed year after year until each effect was near perfect and here in this work, Charles at last reveals his closely guarded secrets. Every single effect included can be performed exactly as described. Only a handful of props are required for you to emulate the mysteries that fooled...

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Displaying 1 to 5 (of 5 products)