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Chess Novelties
by Henry Edward Bird

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Chess Novelties by Henry Edward Bird

This is a book on creative, innovative and unusual openings. Prof. Hoffmann writes in the introduction "With the courage of his opinion, Mr. Bird has decided to embody these tabooed openings and games arising from them in an independent volume. Here in black and white he has set down the heterodoxies of which he is accused, and he submits them to the judgment not alone of critics who have pinned their faith to certain special lines of play, but to that of the whole Chess world."

1st edition, 1895; 344 pages.

  1. Preface
  2. Introduction by Professor Hoffman
  3. Preliminary Remarks
  4. As to Originality of Invention
  5. Progress of the Chess Openings
  6. What Constitutes Novelty
  7. Statistical Table of Chess Openings Adopted to 1844 and in 1851, 1862, and 1883
  8. Analysis of Walker's Collection of 1020 Games
  9. The Chess Openings and their Best Known Branches
  10. Table of Principal Deviations
  11. The Two Knights Defence
  12. Lesser Bishop's Gambit (Bird exclusively plays)
  13. Giuoco Piano (Bird Forms of Attack)
  14. Scotch (Bird Defence)
  15. Evans Gambit Attack without Castling (Bird 1889)
  16. Ruy Lopez Attack, five early Specimens before 1851
  17. Philidor Defence, last century forms of
  18. The KBP2 or Bird's Opening and Replies
  19. Sicilian Defences as Played only by Bird, 1883
  20. Openings Popularised by Staunton
  21. Deviations in Gambits Suggested and Adopted by Bird
  22. Chess of the Day