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Small Silicone Chess Board (10" x 10")


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Small Silicone Chess Board (10" x 10") by

This is a 10" x 10" chess board (square size is 1 1/4"). The overall size of the silicone sheet is 10 1/4". There is no alphanumeric notation on the border. (If you do need it simply take a Sharpie and add it yourself.)

The primary advantage of this small roll up chess board is mobility. The no-memory-effect silicone material allows you to roll it tightly, fold it, or just squeeze it together anyway you like, and still have the board open flat and stay flat instantly. The problem with vinyl boards is that they tend to roll up by themselves particularly if stored for longer time in a rolled up state. Not so with this board. It will stay flat no matter what you do to it. (Of course, all within reason. You can damage it by extreme overstretching.) It is small enough to fit into a folder, briefcase, or even a jacket pocket - ideal for students with an already overloaded backpack.

The sheet is delivered with a clear plastic backing that needs to be removed before use.

This board has been custom manufactured to our specifications and can only be purchased here at the Lybrary.

Reviewed by Kim Bowers
★★★★★   Date Added: Tuesday 11 March, 2014

Nice small board. Doesn't crease up. Poor quality printing though, a few missing sections here and there.

Reviewed by Dan Bulleit
★★★★★   Date Added: Monday 16 December, 2013

This would be great if the squares were 1.5", Green and included the notation. I'm not sure why this wasn't included. It would be a great analysis set with the notation for learning and studying on the go. You would be the only source then.