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Chinese Linking Rings
by Sam Dalal


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Chinese Linking Rings by Sam Dalal

No one knows the originator of this mysterious effect. Linking Rings were introduced into Europe about a century ago by a troupe of Chinese Magicians, and have been named the "Chinese Linking Rings" ever since.

The basic effect is that a number of solid metal rings that have been examined by the audience magically link and un-link at the magicians' command. The rings are linked into chains and designs comprising of two to eight rings. The effect is capable of infinite variations, and the routine can be as short or long as you like. It can be performed silently to music, or with a patter presentation, with or without the help of assistants from the audience, as your fancy dictates.

No rings are included with these instructions but they can be purchased at every well-stocked magic shop.

  • The Linking Rings
    • The Apparatus
  • Counting
    • The Drop Count
    • The Wrist Count
    • The Odin Count
  • Linking the Rings
    • Standard Link
    • Crash Link
    • Throw Link
    • Drop Link
  • Un-Linking
    • Standard Unlinking
    • Throw Un-Linking
    • Spinning Un-Linking
  • Designs
    • Globe
    • Swing
    • Carry Bag
    • Hour Glass
    • Gyroscope
    • Ladies Bag
    • Chair
    • Another globe
    • Blooming Flower
  • Linking Ring Routines
    • Suggested Eight Ring Routine
    • Six Ring Routine
    • Four Ring Routine
    • Three Ring Routine
  • Recommended Reading

1st edition 2002; PDF 26 pages.
word count: 4780 which is equivalent to 19 standard pages of text