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Multiplying Balls Tutor
by Someeran

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Multiplying Balls Tutor by Someeran

The Multiplying Balls is a favorite trick all over the world. Though a very old trick, it is popular because magicians are regularly adding their own presentation and moves to it, to make it something new and different. The basic effect is that one ball held between the magician's fingers multiplies to two, then three and finally four balls.

No balls are included with the ebooks. Any well-stocked magic shop will be able to supply you with the necessary balls and gimmicks.

  • Multiplying Balls
    • The Basic Multiplying Move
  • Palming
    • The Regular Palm
    • The Finger Palm
  • Productions
    • Producing a Ball from the Air
    • Producing a Ball from a Handkerchief
    • Producing a Ball from a Magic Wand
  • Vanishes
    • Palm Vanish
    • Top of fist vanish
    • Tourniquet or French Drop
    • Throw Vanish
    • Swallow Vanish
  • Showing Both Hands Empty
    • Transfer from hand to hand
    • Front-back Transfer
    • Sleeving
    • How to use a Ball Holder
  • An Easy Routine
  • A Semi-professional Routine
  • An Advanced Routine
  • Additional references

1st edition 2006; PDF 21 pages.
word count: 4698 which is equivalent to 18 standard pages of text