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Chris Stolz combines his extensive knowledge of magic and illusion, with his professional training as an actor and technical director for the stage, to create stunning new illusion designs for productions all across the world.

Originally from Vancouver Island in BC Canada, Chris now resides just outside the heart of Toronto Ontario designing illusions and acting as a magic consultant for the stage. Chris strives to make every illusion clean, direct and highly visual to suit the needs and desires of both the performer and the audience.

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Chris Stolz

Not So Boxed by Chris StolzA spectator selects a card and signs it. You put the entire deck in the box to remove all possibility of sleight of hand. The card is inserted into the middle of the pack in the box with its face and signature to the spectators, pushed flush, and the box is closed. You turn the box horizontal and casually turn it over a few times with open fingers to show that both sides are clean and clear. With a wave of your hand, the selected card suddenly appears on top of the card box which is still closed. The box with the card on top are immediately held out on your empty palm for a spectator to take,...
2010 / 12 / 1

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Chris Stolz

Effects of Beauty and the Beast by Chris StolzThis is the first volume in Chris Stolz's Theatre Illusions series. This series is meant to provide theatre productions with solutions to those special effects so often called for in the story or script. These can be illusions, special theatre props, transformations and much more. Each ebook in the series focuses on a different popular show. In this first installment, Chris focuses on the magical props and effects for Beauty and the Beast.

Audiences are always prepared to suspend their disbelief. It's when they don't have to that you have something truly special.

Beauty and the Beast is...

2012 / 8 / 2

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Displaying 1 to 2 (of 2 products) Pages:  1 
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