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Circus Gestern Heute
by Berthold Lang

Circus Gestern Heute by Berthold Lang

This is the journal of the Circus Museum in Vienna, Austria. It covers all the circus arts from clowning to juggling and from animal acts to acrobats. It also features a good amount of magic. It is written in German and has a lot of wonderful articles about circus history. The many photos and reproductions makes this journal even of interest to non-German speakers.

It appeared from January 1981 until July 2002, a total of 40 issues and 1248 pages.

Some of the artists featured on its covers are Enrico Rastelli, Arthur Strohschneider, Karli Rebernigg, Elfi Althoff-Jacobi, Flavio Togni, Anita Medrano-Swoboda, Charlie Rivel, Johannes Heesters, Rudi Rebernigg, Therese Renz, Scadelli (magician and ventriloquist), Georg Jagendorfer, Karl Kramel, Mimi Rebernigg, Los Codonas, Louis Knie Jr., Emil Rebernigg, and Borra (pocket thief).
word count: 463738 which is equivalent to 1854 standard pages of text

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