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How to Kill a Heckler
by Barnaby


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How to Kill a Heckler by Barnaby

How to Kill a Heckler is a whimsical look at what an entertainer can face on stage from the bane of his existence – The Heckler. It analyzes The Heckler, categorizes types of hecklers and offers advice on how to silence them – for good – with any of a couple hundred one-liners. A must read for entertainers, speakers, or anyone for that matter, who could use some ammunition to do away with an annoying loudmouth.

This ebook does not only give you hundreds of lines to choose from and alter to fit your needs, Barnaby also analyses the various heckler types and the underlying psychology. This is what sets this ebook appart from other collections of one-liners. The sections are:

  • Psychology of The Heckler
  • The Harmless Heckler
  • The Oblivious Heckler
  • The Drunken Heckler
  • Heckler Lines
  • Special Situations
  • Famous Quips and Quotes
  • Heckler Line Formulas
What some readers are saying:
"What a great book! With hundreds of one-liners that I know I can use and an in depth study of what makes hecklers 'tick', “How to Kill a Heckler" is a resource I will use over and over!" – Harry Maurer, Magician

"I laughed out loud." – Jim Jeffery, Motivational Speaker

"Great book; definitely one of the best comedy books out there! It definitely gave me more insight into dealing with hecklers - it's a lot of fun!" – Aaron Martini, Magician

1st edition 2004; 51 pages.
word count: 9775 which is equivalent to 39 standard pages of text

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