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Claude Klingsor

Claude Klingsor

(7th November 1929 - )

Born in Brussels, Belgium. Stage name (from the evil magus in Wagner's Parsifal) of Claude Isbecque. Inspired in 1942 seeing a tent-show at a park fairground and learned from father's magic book. Agricultural engineer and semi-pro magician (until 1968).

AFAP Master Magician. Since 1957 dealer in Brussels (Klingsor Magic Shop). 1958 Paris AFAP Grand Prix Magicus. Owning most of Kalanag's stage props, which he bought in 1967, he features a Kalanag pastiche act. Also specializes in psychokinetic effects. Full-time pro since 1968. In Paris played the Folies-Bergère and the Olympia. Collector of apparatus (Robert-Houdin's Orange Tree), etc.

Inventor of several electronic effects such as Chronos, Pythagoras, and Mammoth Rising Cards.

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Claude Klingsor
The Big Book of Rising Cards by Claude Klingsor

This is the most beautiful magic book ever published! I know, this is a pretty strong claim, but read on and judge for yourself.

"I've just had a chance to spend a couple of hours with this book. Wow, Chris. This is an amazing book. Not only does it look incredible, it is of immense historic value." - Ben Harris

"A terrific work, a must have for anybody who thinks of him- or herself as a magician." - Max M.

Before I tell you why I am convinced this is the most beautiful magic book ever published, allow me to give you a bit of history on how this book came to be.

In 1954 Claude Klingsor...

★★★★ $39.50
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Claude Klingsor
Miracles of Modern Magic by Claude Klingsor

For me personally these lecture notes have been a real treat - something I enjoyed tremendously reading and getting my creative juices flowing. This is an ebook on enabling miracles with electronics. Magicians have always used the latest technology to create their wonders. Claude Klingsor from Belgium has specialized in using electronics to create miracles.

This is a magic ebook for engineers, inventors and tinkerers. The fact that these notes were written in the late 80s means that you won't find any microcontrollers, but that is also the charm of this ebook. The circuits are very easy to...

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Displaying 1 to 2 (of 2 products)