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Clearly Predictable
by Larry Becker


(3 customer ratings) ★★★★★

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Clearly Predictable by Larry Becker

This is one of the slickest and cleanest prediction effects I know.

A spectator gets a sealed envelope to keep, circles one classified ad in a newspaper, and removes a bill from her wallet and signs it with her initials. Another spectator completely fairly selects a card from a spectator shuffled pack. Despite all of these fair and clean selections the mentalist has predicted all of them. The selected card is printed on the newspaper, and the prediction envelope holds the serial number of the bill and a copy of the classified which was freely selected by the spectator.

Some preparatory work and gimmicking necessary. The switching mechanism Larry invented is marvelous. Once you know the secret you can adapt the routine to your liking.

Larry Becker performed this effect in six languages during a 26 city tour of Europe in 1989. It was truly one of the most popular effects in the lecture.

This is an effect from the Mental Masterpieces DVD and was also included in the A1 Greatest Hits DVD.

runtime 18min 17s

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