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Clever Like A Fox
by Karrell Fox


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Clever Like A Fox by Karrell Fox

Karrell Fox was an extremely successful magician. He was probably the first to appear at trade shows as magician and even had a touring show for Ford Motor company. His success can partly be attributed to the many characters he developed perfectly suited for different venues and occasions: 'Milky' the Clown, Prof. 'Mix-up', 'Wow' the Wizard, W. C. Fields, and 'Just Plain' Karrell.

Here you will find lots of great ideas spanning the gamut from card and mental magic to stage and platform effects. Throughout you will find many photos of Karrell Fox - a pleasant picture show of the life of a man who was not only successful artistically but also financially.

From the introduction by Sid Lorraine

At seventeen years of age, he was manager of Abbott's Magic Shop in Detroit. Since that time, he has been soaring successfully in many ways: As a magician, comedian, and Master of Ceremonies .... As W.C. Fields in TV ads, as "Milky the Clown," as "Wow-the-Wizard," to name a few of his character roles. As a writer and producer, he was responsible for six travelling trade units designed for the auto industry as "The Magic World of Ford." He also provides inspirational talks for sales organizations.

1st edition 1976, 200 pages; 1st digital edition 2012, 201 pages.

Table of Contents

  1. Foreword

    First! Fantastic Fox!

  2. Fantastic Fox
  3. Much Ado About Nothing
  4. Karrell Fox As Seen By Francis And Jay Marshall
  5. The Fox Of The After-Dinner Circuit


  6. Introduction
  7. Thanx
  8. More Thanx!

    Section One: Karrell On Klose-Up

  9. The Enlarging Sponge Ball
  10. The "Wiggly" Apple
  11. The Balloon Apple
  12. The Rubber Snake
  13. A Real "Gem"
  14. A "Hair-Raid"
  15. The Magic Marker
  16. "Silcopper" Coins
  17. The Dwarf's Bowling Trophy
  18. Ball & Vase Routine
  19. Vanglass
  20. A "Spoonerism"
  21. Pencil-Tration
  22. Imp-Ossible

    Section Two: Karrell's Kard Koncepts

  23. "Rip-Off"
  24. The Barbershop Shuffle
  25. Butterfly Shuffle
  26. "Foxy" Double
  27. About Face
  28. The "Plastrick" Bag
  29. Quite A Mouthful
  30. "Clippity-Slip"
  31. "Sup-Rising" Card

    Section Three: Show-Cards

  32. The Persistent Bunny
  33. Almost, Complete Coverage
  34. The "Same To You" Card Trick
  35. "Mouseket-Ear" Magic
  36. Foxy "Cardenballoon"
  37. Before Your Eyes

    Section Four: The "Sly-Cology" Of Mentalism

  38. A Switch On Dave Hoy's Switch
  39. "Blotch-Splotch"
  40. Psuedo Psychomitrix
  41. Musimentalism
  42. Lipology
  43. The Shifting Sands Of The Sahara
  44. "Foxy-Loxy"
  45. Astro-Logical
  46. "Simple-Sychometry"

    Section Five: Stage "Craftiness"

  47. The "Fulla-Schlitz" Production
  48. Karrell's "Bloomers"
  49. Aw-Shoot!
  50. Instant Flowers
  51. Florabundance
  52. The "Fool-Eroid" Camera
  53. Kolor-Kamera
  54. Credit-Card Repeat
  55. Fox's "Rope-Tie"
  56. Fox's "Unequal-Nightmare" Ropes
  57. Beauty And The Least

    Section Six: Lecture Notes

  58. Tarzan Rope Trick With A "Flashy" Finish
  59. The "Creepy" Carnation
  60. Close-Up Cumberbund
  61. Fox's "Hare-Straightner"
  62. "Take It And Stick It"
  63. Magical Assets
  64. Ball-O-Matic
  65. Pyromaniact
  66. Silkard Production
  67. Bullseye Card Trick
  68. H.H. Coin Catcher
  69. The B.S. Coin Pail
  70. Nite-Cap
  71. Nite-Cap - Supreme

    Section Seven: "Foxy" Novelties

  72. A School For Vent
  73. An Encore
  74. Clip'nsnip Art
  75. At The End Of The Rope
  76. Chalk Talk Features And Finale

    Section Eight: Etc.

  77. "Sillysilk" Hats
  78. Fox's Holder-Holder's
  79. Fox's "Hang-Ups"
  80. Hot Flashes
  81. Cup And Saucery

word count: 39570 which is equivalent to 158 standard pages of text