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Karrell Fox

Karrell Fox

(East Rainelle, West Virginia: 30 January 1928 - 12 March 1998)

Inspired by and learned from props left at his father's hotel by a skip-out magician in 1937. Debut at age 11. Demoed for Harold Sterling's and Abbott's Detroit shops in early 1940s. Appeared on Ed Sullivan's TV show at age 18 at which age he co-owned a magic shop in Detroit.

Studied psychology in college and hypnotism in London for a year. Pro comedy magician-mentalist-hypnotist, playing many roles. Billed as "King of Korn" (by 1947 and ever since). Succeeded Clare Cummings as "Milky the Clown" on Detroit TV c1964-c1967. Mentor of Mark Tripp.

Many inventions including "T.V. Trick" (1956) and "Spots Before Your Eyes" (1957). Many trophies and awards, including 1949 Sphinx Award, 1981 AMA Best Lecturer, 1983 H. Adrian Smith Literary Award, and 1985 AMA Creative Fellowship. IBM President 1986-87. MIMC 1988. 1993 AMA Literary Fellowship. 1993 SAM Hall of Fame. 1997 Christopher Award for Lifetime Achievement. Died at Las Vegas Desert Seminar in his sleep.

Wrote several booklets including Kornfidentially Yours (1954, 49pp; repr 1961) and 6 books: Clever Like a Fox (1976, 200pp), Another Book (1979, 320pp), Abra-K-Fox (1983, 128pp), For My Next Trick (1986, 184pp), My Latest Book (1988, 160pp), Much Ado About Something (1995, 164pp). Articles in most major magic magazines, including New Phoenix. 2 videos (1984 and 1989).

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Karrell Fox
My Latest Book by Karrell Fox

From the Foreword by Bill Wells:

In 1945 (at the age of 17), Karrell became one of the first magicians to ever appear at a trade show. This first effort led to what is perhaps the most successful trade show/magic association in the history of magic with Karrell being the first magician to appear at a national automobile show. There followed 22 years of appearances on these shows.

This early association also led to Karrell being the first magician to appear in shopping malls and the production of the highly successful "Magic World of Ford." The three million dollar production, with six...

★★★★ $20
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Karrell Fox
Another Book by Karrell Fox

Karrell Fox had a unique style and take on classics of magic and various of his own creations. This ebook covers a wide swath of his magic from stage to close-up, mentalism to silly bits. Also includes lots of photos from his life and performances. Illustrated by Sid Lorraine.

  • Introduction
  • Thank You's ...
  • Chapter One: Meet The Maestro
    • Tucker On Fox
    • Karrell Fox
    • The Karrell I Know
    • From The Vernon Touch
    • Mr. Fox ... Mr. E ... Mr. Enthusiasm
    • The Man Behind The Magic
    • Karrell Fox ....
  • Chapter Two: At The Table
    • Finger Flinger
    • Time Killer
    • A "Ringer"
    • Karrell's "Trick-Key" Case
    • Unglued
    • A Couple...
★★★★★ $20
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Karrell Fox
Goodies by Karrell Fox

From the Foreword by Harry Blackstone, Jr.

The strongest possible effects achieved with the simplest possible methods has always been the Fox' formula. He has applied it to all of his magical activities in the field, from comedy magic to mentalism, to being one of the most successful of all trade show magicians.

  • Dedication
  • Thank Yous ...
  • Foreword
  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1: Watch Closely
    • Gulliver's Nickel
    • The "Slaphappy" Coin
    • Floating Foam
    • The Write Word
    • Confuscious Say
    • Changing The Change
    • A Mouse In The House
  • Chapter 2: Card Concepts
    • E.Z. Bridge
    • A False Swinger
    • The...
★★★★★ $15
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Karrell Fox
Final Edition by Karrell Fox

The ultimate in a torn and restored newspaper because here the torn pieces really vanish. Audience gets the restored sheet!

Karrell Fox is a real pro, veteran of years of shows of all kinds - nobody can match him in experience. When he develops a trick, its good.

Effect: Magician displays a double page from a full size daily newspaper. This is then folded and torn several times until the packet of torn newspaper is about four inches square. The magician then shakes the packet of torn pieces into a completely restored double page and the torn pieces have vanished. The restored sheet is...

★★★★ $9.95
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Karrell Fox
Kornfidentially Yours by Karrell Fox

Sixty different items of funny business as only Karrell Fox can deliver them. Two complete routines with patter, using rabbits, seven funny magic props, seven Foxy Foolers, twelve Kornceptions with cards, 25 KornyKwickies for laffs, and nine Fox Favorites, including a Pitch Act. 56 pages, with many hilarious illustrations.

1st edition 1954, 47 pages; 1st digital edition 2015, PDF 52 pages.

★★★ $6.95
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Karrell Fox
Clever Like A Fox by Karrell Fox

Karrell Fox was an extremely successful magician. He was probably the first to appear at trade shows as magician and even had a touring show for Ford Motor company. His success can partly be attributed to the many characters he developed perfectly suited for different venues and occasions: 'Milky' the Clown, Prof. 'Mix-up', 'Wow' the Wizard, W. C. Fields, and 'Just Plain' Karrell.

Here you will find lots of great ideas spanning the gamut from card and mental magic to stage and platform effects. Throughout you will find many photos of Karrell Fox - a pleasant picture show of the life of a...

★★★★ $25
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Karrell Fox
Comedy a la Card by Karrell Fox

The crazy card routines of one of the funniest magicians in the world. Very usable material including 23 hilarious card tricks, different from anything you ever tried before, totally unexpected, totally uninhibited in a very nice way, and totally entertaining. Illustrated by Roy Kissell.

1st edition 1960, 28 pages; digital edition 2012, 32 pages.

Table of Contents

  1. "Hum-Bug" Prediction
  2. Card In The Turban
  3. Lost And Found
  4. C-Thru Card
  5. Spotz
  6. Op-Trick-Al Illusion
  7. Hocus-Focus
  8. 2 Or 3 From 5 & 10
  9. Cardician Blendo
  10. Komical Cards
  11. A "Marxed" Card
  12. The "Blushing" King
  13. It's A "Scorcher" ...
★★★★ $6.95
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