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Close-up Framework
by Lawrence Frame

softcover |  
Close-up Framework by Lawrence Frame

A small book that's big on entertainment. Clean, novel methods are used to produce effects that are clear and uncluttered. Taking as an example the first effect in the book, 'Spellbound Climax': you show a 2p coin and magically transform it into a 10p. After repeating this a couple of times you are surprised to find that the coin has changed into a button! Looking down, you discover that the coin is attached to your jacket where the button should be.

To paraphrase Gordon Bruce's introduction, these aren't just tricks but lessons in presentation.

With illustrations by Roy Johnson.


  • Preface by Lawrence Frame
  • Introduction by Gordon Bruce
  • Spellbound Climax
  • Compression
  • Ambitious Aces Repeat by Jerry Sadowitz
  • The Swahili Prediction
  • Commercial Coin in Pack
  • Cards Across, Climax
  • Irish Coins Thru
  • Together Again

1st edition 1986, reprinted 2009, 27 pages.