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Club 71: 1995
by Geoff Maltby

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Club 71: 1995 by Geoff Maltby
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Issue 74
  • Members Write. Your chance to have your say about anything on the magic scene.
  • Problem children. Part 7 of Walt Lees series on the entertainment of children.
  • Ring the Bell: New cabaret item from Jim Breedon
  • Variations on a theme by Katherine, including the cig through jacket.
  • The oh so simple nudist packet by Philip Sweeting
  • Phil Goldstein with a variation on a Peter Duffie effect.
  • Simon Lovell with a letter from America
  • News and reviews in and around the studio conducted by Geoff
  • David Copperfield at Earls Court London - Ali Cardabra reviews the show
  • Al Smith discusses 'Doing it by the book'
  • Subscription information
  • This years winners of the prize competition
  • Basic card sleights. This month we discuss aspects of Card Forcing
  • Part one of an exciting new series of Punch and Judy by Prof. Glyn Edwards
  • Brand new competition is announced - with prizes. Your chance to become rich & famous
  • 'You Dirty Rat' mental line taken by Mike Hopley

Issue 75
  • So you want to be a Children's Entertainer by Walt Lees. Part 10 - Choosing & Using Assistants.
  • Dont you hate it when they say....? The amusing, and philosophical musings of Malcolm Yaffe.
  • The Phantom of the forehead. Clever new card magic from Steve Jones.
  • Gypsey Diary. Ingenious mentalism from Arun Bonerjee (India).
  • Subscription Information and details
  • Ali Cardabra. Silk through Table.
  • News & Reviews in and around the studio conducted by Geoff
  • Punch & Judy part 2 by Prof Glyn Edwards.
  • Unclassified ads. Your place to buy sell or swop
  • The Phantom at the lecture. Al Smith
  • Basic Card sleights. This month we consider the Magician's Choice.
  • Threaded Needles. Another devilish confection from resident genius, Barrie Richardson.
  • Subscription roundup
  • Pleasures to come. What to look forward to in the next issue.

Issue 76
  • Flushed with Success by Robert Gardener
  • Subscription Information How to keep it coming
  • So you want to be a Children's Entertainer? More on the subject of Assistants
  • Little Mouse by Steve Jones for the very young
  • Where's the catch? by Graham S. Clarke
  • Letters to the Editor. Your chance to have your say - Bouquets and Brickbats equally welcome.
  • Clowning Around for Children by Keith Downes
  • Monge Shuffle Card Revelation by Werner Miller
  • 1995 Queen Elizabeth 2 Magic Cruise reviewed by Aidan Heritage
  • Simon Says. Simon has recently had a car accident and recounts the detail and its effect on his philosophy
  • News & Reviews. Geoff keeps you up to date with the very latest from the Studio and on board Queen Elizabeth 2!
  • Ghost Weld by Ali Cardabra
  • Time Will Tell - clever card magic from Ron Escott
  • Barrie Richardson with 'The Mentalist's Watch'
  • Competition details - How to become modestly Rich & slightly Famous!
  • P&J by Prof. Glyn Edwards with the low down on the Swazzle
  • Al Smith muses from his window on the subject of formulas
  • Basic Card Technique continues with Psychological forces.

Issue 77
  • How to be a Kids' Entertainer Part 12. An important series by Walt Lees
  • Basic Card Technique. This month we discuss 'Positional Forces'.
  • WalleTranspo - Further original card magic from the prolific Phil Goldstein
  • Competition. Your chance to be rich and famous!
  • Punch & Judy Part 4 by Prof. Glyn Edwards.
  • Club Subscription information. How to maintain the flow of issues!
  • News & Reviews in and around the studio
  • Trevor Lewis with a clever new presentation for the Brema nut
  • New For Old - FAT CHANCE by Ali Cardabra
  • The Back Window. Interesting thoughts and musings from Al Smith
  • Two Sided Thought Transmission Knockout mentalism by Barrie Richardson
  • Letters. Your turn to have your say.
  • The Cards Never Lie. Strong & visual card magic suitable for table hopping!

Issue 78
  • Mt. Kenya Paradox. Original Card Mentalism from resident genius Barrie Richardson.
  • So you want to bo a Children's Entertainer. This series by Walt Lees continues by discussing the points to consider regarding the length of your show.
  • The Crooked Deck and some very clever uses by Steve Jones.
  • Letters: Your chance to dish out the Bouquets and Brickbats
  • News & Reviews in and around the Studio with Geoff Maltby
  • Simon Says: The Lovell Lemming is on the mend and continues his column
  • Web Wizardry: There is a lot of magic out there on the Information Superhighway. Are you connected?
  • Al Smith muses If only we could train Magicians to behave like laymen.
  • Successful Punch and Judy. Professor Glyn Edwards considers the practicalities back-stage.
  • Magic In The Comedy Clubs. Professional Keith Fields tells all.
  • Basic Card Sleights & Techniques: The series continues as we discuss positional forces.
  • Competition: How you can enter and be in line for fame and fabulous prizes!

Issue 79
  • PART 14 of the way to be a Professional children's entertainer.
  • ROSE OPENER Steve Jones clever Ribbon to rose.
  • MAGIC IN THE COMEDY CLUBS. The second in Keith Field's series.
  • COMPETITION. Your chance to be rich and famous beyond your wildest dreams!
  • THREE PILES REPEAT - Brand new fooler from Kennedy Smith.
  • PUNCH & JUDY. Part 6 in this popular series
  • NEW & REVIEWS in and around the studio with Geoff
  • SIMON SAYS - Special Christmas article from our very own recovering Lemming.
  • BASIC CARD SLEIGHTS - continues with Fred Robinson's Force
  • THE IMPOSSIBLE KNOT. A non mental effect from our resident guru, Barrie Richardson
  • LETTERS. Your chance to have your say, be it comment, bouquet or brickbat.
  • THE FACELESS MAGICIAN. Dr. Rodney King and an aspect of body language of extreme value and importance to the performing magician
  • CARDS IN CLOSE-UP MAGIC by Peter Blanchard
  • TREASURE ISLAND - a just chance routine for children from Keith Downs

word count: 136138 which is equivalent to 544 standard pages of text