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Club 71: 1997
by Geoff Maltby

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Club 71: 1997 by Geoff Maltby
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Issue 87
  • News & Reviews around the studio with Geoff
  • Tanpari Touch Who's Joking'
  • All Rhodes lead to enlightenment. Magic news culled from the media
  • Patrick Page makes a welcome return to our page with a new routine and presentation for a Classic effect
  • Basic Card Technique, part 18 - The Pass
  • Subscription information
  • The Psychic Secrets of Alex Le-Roy part 2
  • Simon Lovell with a presentation for 'Vernon's Twisting the Aces'
  • Party Games. Steve Jones covers the area of entertaining the little sods, sans sorcery
  • Henrique continues to drop the dew in a humorous fashion
  • Donald Bostock varies Werner Miller and praises Patsy!
  • Arun Bonerjee with a clever effect and a tribute to Arthur Carter
  • Collectors' thoughts from academic Prof. Dawes
  • Coin, Silk & Glass & Peter Blanchard
  • Letters Page. Your chance to have a go and set the record straight with the odd brickbat and flowering bouquet
  • Al Smith ponders from the back window
  • Journal Highlights. Keep abreast of affairs with the help of Eddie Dawes

Issue 88
  • News & Reviews in and around the studio with Geoff Maltby
  • The Geller teaspoon: More modern magic from Angelo Carbone.
  • The Fellow with the big red nose. Children's Entertaining by Walt Lees
  • E&W v Peter Kane, the Jury goes out.
  • Henrique More from the ever loving Children's Entertainer
  • Alex Le-Roy with part 3 of his psychic series
  • Collecting Thoughts Eddie Dawes muses on magic in Massachusetts
  • Single person lévitation system
  • Magic Bug Balls. A Novelty by Donald English
  • Simon Says
  • More Party Games by Steve Jones
  • Ironweed book test by Barrie Richardson
  • John Rhodes with news in the News
  • Once upon a time Al Smith and fairy stories
  • Alternative sponge magic by Tanpari
  • Basic Card Technique lesson 19, the Invisible Turnover Pass
  • The Journals, what's occurring in the competition'
  • Up coming in the next issue

Issue 89
  • News & Reviews in and around the studio conducted by Geoff
  • More Games by Steve Jones for the Kiddies entertainer
  • Trevor Lewis with his handling for the John Cornelius' Perfect Pen
  • Steve Jones discuses closeup working under sometimes less than perfect conditions
  • Collecting Thoughts with Eddie Dawes
  • Locked Predictions by Barrie Richardson
  • Simon Lovell with a glimpse of a tasty miracle from his Tap Dance Trilogy
  • Surveys with a smile. Walt Lees analyses all of those reader survey forms
  • Henrique continues to show why he needs the patience of Job
  • Looking through his Back Window Al Smith Considers his Magicke Shoppe
  • In Locus Pocus, Mike Hopley does mental geographic Gymnastics
  • The Bug bear of Magic Ethics are considered by Brian Eden
  • The competition that will lead to fame and fortune
  • Eddie Dawes considers the other magical magazines from around the World

Issue 90
  • News and Reviews conducted by Geoff
  • Lucky Draw at Card Castle by Arun Bonerjee
  • Henrique considers the rich folks who can afford the Convention Hotel
  • Film Case Conjuring. A brand new series from Ali Cardabra
  • Wordly Wise: The latest offering from Phil Goldstein
  • All Rhodes John trawls through the media for us, finding the magic news
  • Alex Le-Roy continues his series on Psychic conjuring
  • The Magic of Specific Gravity Peter Blanchard with a clever bar stunt
  • Becker the Devil ... Exposure exposed
  • Journal Highlights with Eddie Dawes
  • Simon Lovell from ocross the pond
  • A Lazy Birthday Book, devised by Mo Howarth
  • Were you there? 1997 QE2 Magic Cruise report by Trevor Lewis
  • A Ropey Lesson in Magic with Steve Jones
  • Party Games for the whole party organiser
  • Letters. Your chance to have your say
  • Basic Card Technique with more passes
  • Al Smith considers gambling exposes
  • Collecting thoughts and Egyptian Hall plumbing

Issue 91
  • News and Reviews around the studio with Geoff
  • The Magical Word Box. Especially for the D.I.Y. Magician
  • THE TEST OF TIME a sensational Wrist Watch routine and presentation by Barrie Richardson
  • Journal Highlights with Eddie Dawes.
  • Henrique considers the wisdom of crystal chandeliers in small houses
  • Psychic Secrets of Alex Le-Roy. Concluding part of this series
  • Film Case Conjuring. Part Two of Ali Cardabrara's clever series
  • Last call for this year's competition
  • The Back Window with Al Smith considering value beyond the worth of your Club 71 subscription
  • Arun Bonerjee with a Sychic Puzzle
  • Letters. Have your say and clear the air
  • All Rhodes. John reviews the magic in the media you may have missed
  • An Emotional Pick by Dr. Rodney King
  • Morph the Magician. Comedy Magic with Steve Jones
  • Basic Card Sleights. This month we tackle Key Card Placements
  • Collecting Thoughts with Prof Dawes

Issue 92
  • News & Reviews with Geoff
  • Seance by Arun Bonerjee
  • first of an important new series by Ian Adair
  • Little Jackpot coins another stunning effect from our resident stunner, Barrie Richardson
  • film Case Conjuring with Ali Cardabra
  • Colours in Flight by Solyl Kunda
  • Basic Card Technique continues with more on key cards
  • Al Smith muses through the rear window
  • Peter Blanchard does something simple
  • Simon Lovell tells how to do it right
  • 1997 Competition results
  • Farof a kind by Phil Goldstein
  • Collector's thoughts and musings
  • Steve Jones ends all up
  • Soumya Deb offers Predictacolour
  • More on locus Pocus from Mike Hopley
  • The inimitable Henrique continues to be inimitable
  • John Rhodes, our resident newshound with all the news that's fit to print
  • Finger Ring on string headaches
  • Subscription information: Don't miss a single issue
  • Eddie Dawes with a round up of the other Magic magazines around the world.

Issue 93
  • News & Reviews around the studio with all that Geoff Maltby thinks you should know
  • Mike Hopley asks what's in Nicola's name?
  • Magic À L'Adair & Lapin by Ian Adair
  • Walt Lees shows how to get a spectator to sell her soul to the devil (and get a good price to boot)!
  • Ali Cardabra with yet another extremely dicey yet legal thing to do with an empty film case!
  • Peler Blanchard is talking telephone numbers with a spectacular effect for fooling friends 'phonetically
  • Henrique once again with tales from retirement concerning conjurors and fings Frog
  • Simon Lovell gets picked up in a bus station
  • Competition with Prizes
  • Al Smith through a rear pane considers comedy and a 'comfort zone'
  • Eddie Dawes lets you know exactly what you missed in all the other magic mags
  • Ian Keable lambasts Leroy broadside and boards the good ship Club 71
  • Basic card technique glides triply into a new sleight
  • John Rhodes with all the news that was fit to print
  • Werner Miller: New series where he invites us into his new World of Wonderment
  • Professor Dawes considers optical illusionism for collectors

Issue 94
  • 'Tis the season to be jolly and news of all that's New from Geoff
  • Eddie Dawes with news of all that's Old!
  • Ian Adair with a brilliant effect; Crazy Clown
  • Just as we enter the 21st Century, A card trick for the 20th century from Soumya Deb
  • Ali Cardabra Chop Coins
  • News Hound John Rhodes scours the press
  • Ian Keable on the horrors of compering
  • Henrique still whittering on
  • Ron Escort's keys are sunk, but with trace
  • The Auction of the Christopher collection
  • The Christmas quiz witth prizes
  • Have you yet achieved fame in magic? Find out here
  • Werner Miller continues his series with non sleight magic
  • Journal highlights. The Professor saves you buying all those other magazines!
  • Steve Jones shows you what to do with all those reels of cotton
  • Brian Lead offers seasonal DIY euthanasia
  • Barrie Richardson shows how to memorise a deck in seconds
  • Alan Wood Boxing clever for Boxing day
  • Back window view of the trial and tribulations of performing table magic
  • Basic Card technique continues with a topical Double Lift
  • Mind Power of Arun Bonerjee

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