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Club 71: 2004

by Geoff Maltby

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Club 71: 2004 by Geoff Maltby

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Issue 151
  • Magical News and reviews around the world
  • More Television magic and Walt discusses it
  • Henrique and a friendly council worker with a historic magical interest
  • Letters Brickbats, bouquets and observations
  • and the tale of a snotty, salty son
  • Magic event diary. Put your society on the map
  • Jim Breedon and the Spider and the Fly
  • Basic card technique continues with the Jordan/Siva count
  • Stephen Tucker must be dealing from a dodgy deck ... the 15 of clubs
  • Ian Adair with his Wallaby Wands
  • Barrie Richardson revisits the Mount Kenya Paradox
  • Bob Ostin is recounting the spots on his old green die
  • Werner Miller is as easy as counting
  • Peter Duffie is a Con Artist?
  • Vic Bridle is the suitable king
  • Alan Ward has a heart
  • Malcolm Yaffe rationalises the colour changing deck
  • Annual competition. There is still time to enter
  • Unclassified ads: Buy, sell or swop
  • Eddie Dawes relates the invitation only Los Angeles Magic History Conference
  • John Rhodes with a wide ranging collection of lay printed magical stories
  • A Smith rounds off this issue with magic, musicians and the old Jewish Joanna

Issue 152
  • News and reviews conducted by Geoff
  • Letters. Your chance to have your say or to request advice
  • Annual competition Fame and fortune may be yours!
  • Henrique combines senna pods, the bombing of Berlin and children's' entertaining
  • Eddie Dawes reviews the other magical press from around the world
  • Jim Breedon writes about Slydini and an Origami frog
  • Diary. Put your society on the magical map
  • Ian Adair Jacks in the Box
  • Basic card technique this month counts the Ham 'n eggs - but withholds the oeufs brouilles
  • Robert Ostin Esq with a cunning box of swans, sans signets
  • Vic Brindel sees clearly now and socks it to them
  • Stephen Tucker drops a jumbo bomb
  • Les & Martin Peirce find a Queen in their small change
  • Werner Miller is also Queenly on the subject of Royal ties
  • Peter Duffie - Scots pentathelete with a deck of cards
  • Barrie Richardson with the final solution for the recalcitrant billet refolder
  • Unclassified ads to buy, sell or swop
  • Arun Bonerjee - A mystical wordsmith if ever there was
  • Alan Ward figures it out digitally
  • Walt Lees spent the month in front of the box
  • John Rhodes spent the month reading the papers
  • Al Smith spent the month concerned about managerial pitfalls and residencies

Issue 153
  • News around the magical world with Geoff
  • A full postbag this month with news, views and ponderings
  • Henrique's dewdrops fall upon The Great Disaster
  • Annual competition results. Are you rich and famous this time around?
  • Unclassified ads. Buy, sell or swop
  • Barrie Richardson III card rising
  • March Magical events. Put your society on the magical map
  • Magical Pen with Jim Breedon on criticism and soliciting
  • Arun Bonerjee mixes his drinks with Sloppy Blancmange
  • Stephen Tucker will never forget a back
  • Bob Ostin's napkins enclose a secret
  • Phil Goldstein puts his cards on the table behind distinguished family values
  • Just by chance this month Werner Miller stands to lose
  • Peter Duffie's Poker backfires
  • Alan Ward recounts a rebus
  • Ian Adair with another chance, this time just undercover
  • Peter Kane with an Itsy Bitsy Bandit
  • Walt Lees' combined rope routine
  • Eddie Dawes collects his thoughts and the vexing case of the Monte Carlo Millionaire
  • John Rhodes with the magic in the lay Press
  • Al Smith and his significant bothers

Issue 154
  • Round up of the latest magical news
  • JJ gets the thumbs up from a clever dick
  • Walt Lees reviews the recent telly
  • Letters; have your say or proffer your suggestions
  • Put your society on the magical map
  • Henrique opens his trap and visits the opera
  • Ian Adair exceeds expectations with a coin wand
  • Barrie Richardson invokes Blackstone and presents a two inch stage illusion
  • Marlo, Ostin, Lewis and Allen combine to clear the oily waters
  • Alan Ward suspends both belief and a ping-pong ball
  • Vic Bridle reverses Bob Ostin's die, dyed green
  • Unclassified ads. Buy sell, swop or promote your lecture
  • Werner Miller transposes while on auto
  • Soumya Deb with a straight forward 20th Century silks
  • Peter Duffie collects cards with a catalyst
  • Daniel de Urquiza presents Miracle Monte the Argentinian way
  • Details of this year's competition
  • Peter Kane's case is falling apart
  • Jim Breedon is polarised into action
  • Eddie Dawes reviews the magical press
  • Ventriloquism the Tiger way
  • John Rhodes with the lay magic news
  • Al Smith's pertinent ponderings

Issue 155
  • News of the 2005 Queen Mary 2 Magic Cruise
  • Gay, Debbie, Linda and Pam in the box on the wireless
  • An ordinary kids' party for Henrique!!!!
  • Ian Adair with two quickies ... one monied the other macabre
  • Barrie Richardson shows the divination is in the devilish detail
  • Stephen Tucker manipulates a magnetic mouse with a free plug for Roy Roth
  • This year's competition. Your chance for fame and fortune?
  • Magical event diary, make sure that your society is firmly on the magical map.
  • Al Koran's Princess becomes a right royal old Queen
  • Dai Vernon's Triumph over the Argentinian way
  • Back to Basics with school master Walt
  • Alan Ward with a kosher star
  • Peter Duffie presents illusion Versus Reality
  • Steve Jones chronicles travelling from Vernon to postscripts
  • Jim Breedon's historical thoughts and a mutilated shirt
  • Eddie Dawes curtain raiser to the Magic Circle Collectors' day
  • Letters. Your chance to have your say
  • John Rhodes with the magic in the lay press

Issue 156
  • News around the magical world from Geoff
  • Ian Keable in defence of Box Jumpers
  • JJ gives S&M magic for free
  • Henrique and the curious case of cross dressing
  • Eddie Dawes with his review of the magical journals
  • Unclassified ads. Buy, sell, exchange & inform
  • Magical Event Diary, put your society on the map at no cost
  • Walt Lees plumbs the basic depths for an illusion
  • Phil Goldstein with thanks to Peter Duffle, Roy Walton and Dai Vernon
  • Bob Ostin wist a feke die
  • Competition details
  • Ward's word is wonderful
  • Miller's Mysteries serve up four effects this month for your delectation
  • Ian Adair with a double delight for children
  • Ma Relics. Stephen Tucker with a double set of aces
  • Daniel deUrquiza sends a stacked transposition inspired by Tamariz
  • Mrs Breedon is revealed on all fours with an apple, some lettuce and a tortoise!
  • Arun Bonerjee divulges the date of birth
  • A rare book review and the telly at Lees Mansions
  • John Rhodes with all the magical news in the lay press

Issue 157
  • Round up of the latest magical news
  • Review of the 2004, 11th Repro Magic Cruise around the Mediterranean
  • Henrique in the saga, gaga house
  • Ian Adair waves his Hippity Hop Wands and produces a clear view of the Square Circle
  • Walt Lees shows where there's muck there's Brass and it stacks
  • Jim Breedon bungs a ring in a potential omelette
  • Unclassified ads. for subscribers. Buy sell, exchange or advertise your club events
  • Magical Event Diary. Put your society on the map for free.
  • Daniel de Urquiza with a very astute perspective
  • Alan Ward is numerologically lucky for Jean
  • Peter Duffie with a right pain in the Ace
  • Werner Miller separates the Gold from the dross
  • Competition details for fame and fortune
  • Les Johnson's tribute to Peter Kane
  • Peter Kane's epitaph
  • Basic card technique continues with a false swing cut
  • Steve Jones' card puzzle
  • Walt Lees of the telly, knitting a second jumper
  • John Rhodes with the magical news from the lay press

Issue 158
  • Round up of the latest magical news
  • Walt off his telly with reviews
  • Eddie Dawes rounds up the magical press
  • Letters. Your chance to air your views, news, brickbats and bouquets
  • Society News and events
  • Unclassified ads. Buy sell and swop free
  • Ian Adair's topsy pencils and a handybag
  • Arun Bonerjee has an image in the symbols
  • Vic Bridle takes the blues
  • Extra, Extra, read all about Clyde Clayton's Princess
  • Peter Duffie can afford a rolex
  • Stephen Tucker's seedy digital trick
  • Alan Ward's Brainstorm
  • Werner Miller crosses his crisses with numbers
  • Soumya Deb proffers a trayful of goodies
  • Daniel de Urquiza with an Argentinian Dunbury Delusion
  • Fame and fortune with our annual competition
  • Ron Chatburn's variation on the Bandit a.k.a. Peter Kane
  • Jim Breedon's Magic pen inks the gypsy thread
  • Lesson 58 of the Basic card technique course covers in-hands false cuts
  • Henrique and magic in the sheltered accommodation
  • John Rhodes with this month's selection of magic in the lay press

Issue 159
  • Round-up of the latest magical news
  • Henrique and the seven ages of man, myth and magic
  • Walt Lees discusses the matter of routiniung
  • Eddie Dawes collects his thoughts once more, including details of the IBM convention in USA
  • Arun Bonerjee analyses ESP
  • Details of this year's competition. Your chance for fame and fortune?
  • A double dose of Ian Adair
  • Peter Duffie up the garden path again
  • Werner Miller with Vernade cards
  • Stephen Tucker is a rubout with an eraser
  • Alan Ward gets the message
  • Fred Castle and Jumbo Cards; first of a new series courtesy of Arthur Emerson
  • Unclassified Ads. Sell buy and swop. Free!
  • Magical Event Diary. Put your society on the map
  • Malcolm Yaffe with a subtle variation on the Magic Square
  • Steve Jones' triple coincidence Tristar
  • Jim Breedon's Magic pen and a time warp
  • Walt Lees' basic card technique with hands to table false cuts
  • Letters, comments, suggestions and gripes
  • John Rhodes rounds up the magic in the lay press
  • Al Smith rounds off this issue on the subject of card cheats

Issue 160
  • Round up of the latest magical news
  • Letters and comments from readers
  • Who won what at the British Ring
  • Henrique and H.M. Customs and those little rubber gloves
  • Eddie Dawes tells us what we missed in the other magical journals
  • Ian Adair with a double dose featuring silks and cards
  • Barrie Richardson gives us an impromptu stunt for the next time we are interviewed on the telly
  • James Breedon mutilates Mrs Breedon's parasol
  • Phil Goldstein on a roll with a watch
  • Alan Ward is inspired by Jim Steinmeyer's nine card problem
  • Steve Zudeck's tasty Seven Up
  • Buy sell swop and notify with our free unclassified ad column
  • Magic Society news. Is your society on the map?
  • Chris Wardle has a clue about murder
  • This year's competition details
  • Malcom Yaffe finally tells Roy Roth to put a sock in it
  • Werner Miller's Daltonic. What's that? Read and see
  • Peter Duffie is inside out
  • Basic card technique. This month it's tabletop false cuts
  • Magicrostic compiled by Steve Zudek
  • John Rhodes with the magic of the lay press
  • Al Smith rounds off this issue with hecklers wannabes and thickos

Issue 161
  • Round up of the latest magical news
  • Letters Page. Your chance to have your say and offer suggestions
  • Henrique suffers under the influence of a Bloody Mary
  • Fred Castle Column featuring magic with Jumbo Cards
  • Malcolm Yaffe with a time prediction loosely based on Koran's Gold Medallion
  • A double dose of Magical Ian Adair
  • Barrie Richardson offers Mind to Mind
  • Jim Breedon with an effect based on Star Trek
  • Lift Grift from the prolific mind of Phil Goldstein
  • Peter Duffie and a new hue hoves into view
  • Basic Card technique features this month a detailed description of the Bart Harding card system
  • Virtual Reality is presented by Arun Bonerjee
  • Unclassified adverts. Buy, sell, swop and blow your trumpet or promote your society and events completely free of charge
  • Collector's Corner edited by Eddie Dawes with news of a magic prop scheduled to sell for $150,000!!
  • John Rhodes rounds off this issue with all the magical news in the lay press.

Issue 162
  • Round up of the latest magical news
  • TV and Radio Reviews of magical content
  • Henrique rails against ageism
  • Ian Adair with a Royal line-up and a die shaken not stirred
  • Barrie Richardson becomes the Devil's disciple with a dodgy dictionary
  • Simon Lovell returns to our pages with a depilated Jack
  • Arun Bonerjee with a colour card match
  • Soumya Deb brings up the Indian contingent with a cunning silk effect
  • Peter Duffie embraces the Queens of Darkness
  • Jim Breedon ponders on memories of our fragile heroes ... and a Switch Pad.
  • The Fred Castle series continues with the Jumbo Hamman Count
  • Steve Jones combines your date of birth, chocolate and arithmetic
  • Werner Miller with a topological magic square
  • Walt Lees shares his big nose spongeball routine for children
  • Malcolm Yaffe handles the German coin box with great care
  • Stephen Tucker continues his series with a dot to dot prediction
  • Walt Lees' basic sleights series covers table top false cuts
  • John Rhodes rounds up the magic in the lay press

word count: 311382 which is equivalent to 1245 standard pages of text

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