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Collected Magic Series Volume 8
by Percy Naldrett


(1 customer rating) ★★★★★

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Collected Magic Series Volume 8 by Percy Naldrett

Excerpt from the introduction:

No, my ever so constant and indefatigable readers, this book contains no marvels, but merely the practical effects of men who conjure, men who think and men who achieve, in contradistinction to the dreamers who dream.

I said just now that there was nothing startling in this book; but there is some very good Magic. The "Snowman" takes my fancy. True, it makes use of plaguey and never-sufficiently-damned tubes. The peculiar stringing of a pack of cards which you will find on page - (How can I tell on which page it will eventually appear!) is alone worth the money for YOU would not have hit upon it in a hundred years. But perhaps you are not interested.

I once made a vow, which I have failed to keep, that I would have no more truck with card tricks and also that I would bar those fearsome words in foreign languages. Alas, I give up the unequal struggle and they appear as usual; indeed I have fallen so low as to allow my own contribution to be a card trick - and very dreadful tosh I have no doubt you will find it.

  • Head Piece
  • The Spider's Web
  • An Aromatic Attempt
  • "A. B. C."
  • The Snow Man
  • A Trick with a Brick
  • The Impossible Proved
  • Take a Hat
  • The Domino Slates
  • The Feast of Lanterns
  • A Counter Attraction
  • A New Wandering Peg
  • "L'Enfant Terrible"
  • A New Card-Threading Method
  • Felix and the Pillar Boxes
  • Colin the Canine Conjurer
  • A General Utility Item
  • Personal Magnetism
  • Instantaneous Photography
  • Items

1st edition 1927, 96 pages; PDF 65 pages.
word count: 23874 which is equivalent to 95 standard pages of text