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Percy Naldrett

Percy Naldrett

(Worthing, Sussex, England: 17th May 1888 - 28th September 1973)

Printer by trade. Semi-pro magician since 1905. Magic collector. Wrote Magic of the Moment (1912, 50pp), Magical Notes and Notions (1913, 36pp), Miscellaneous Magic (1913, 48pp), Moments of Mystery (1914, 48pp), with H.C. Mole, More Miscellaneous Magic (1919, 50pp), More Collected Magic (1921, 91pp), and Further Expert Magic (1923). Edited Magic Circular 1938-49. Biographer is J.B. Findlay, Percy Naldrett, a Memoir together with a check list of his publications (1969, 17pp).

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Percy Naldrett
More Collected Magic by Percy Naldrett
  • Compilers Preamble
  • "Jack Sheppard" A Mysterious Release
  • The Enchanted Fan
  • "Shades & Shapes" A Pretty Effect with Silks
  • "The Zodizignz" An Ancient Oracle
  • The "Debur" Afghan Bands
  • "The Red Hand!" A Perpetration
  • An Ingenious Hat Load
  • "A Means to an End"
  • The Elusive Stop
  • Another Ingenious Hat Load
  • The Diving Ball
  • The "Regimental" Effect
  • "Woolly Wizardry''
  • On Card Levitations
  • An Easy Hat Production
  • "Dissolving Silk"
  • The Bretma "Glasgow" Tray
1st edition 1921, 91 pages; PDF 59 pages.
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Percy Naldrett
Magical Notes and Notions by Percy Naldrett
  • Fore-Word to Second Edition
  • The Chocolate Box Mystery
  • Flash Paper Ideas
  • A "Live" Rabbit
  • Fishing for Money
  • The Suffragette Problem
  • The Levitation of a Piece of Paper
  • The Transformation Tumbler
  • The Lightning Ink and Water Change
  • The "Eureka" Slate
  • An Egg, Handkerchief, & Milk Combination

1st edition 1913, 2nd edition 1920, 36 pages; PDF 23 pages.

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Displaying 1 to 2 (of 2 products)