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Color I-Do-As-U
by George L. Boston

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Color I-Do-As-U by George L. Boston

An amazing two-pack coincidence routine.

The performer exhibits two decks of cards, one red, the other blue. He picks up one deck and shows it to be quite ordinary, both back and front. He asks a spectator to assist by placing the deck face-down behind his back and cutting it any number of times, completing the cut each time then to remove two or three cards from the deck and place them in his (spectator's) pocket without looking at them.

He then requests spectator to square the pack and bring it from behind his back held in such a manner so that performer cannot get a glimpse of any card. This deck is then placed back in its case and put aside. Performer takes the other deck from table and shows that both back and front are quite ordinary except that the backs are a different colour from the first deck. This is to convince the audience that only two decks are used, one by the spectator and one by the performer.

Performer then places this deck behind his back. He cuts his deck the same number of times as spectator cuts his. Performer then removes the same number of cards from his deck as spectator did from his. Performer then discards his deck.

Spectator then shows his selected cards, one at a time, and performer shows his in the same manner. Audience is amazed to find that the performer has matched the spectator's cards with his own. Truly a miracle, because neither one has looked at any of the cards while the trick is in progress.

1st edition 1979, 5 pages; PDF 6 pages.
word count: 1813 which is equivalent to 7 standard pages of text