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George L. Boston

George L. Boston

(Chicago, Illinois: 6th January 1905 - 14th March 1975)

Aka "George L. Merlin". Inspired in 1915 at age 10 seeing Thurston show and immediately learned from books and then buying tricks from Roterberg's shop. Semi-pro debut in 1916. Pro stage magician as assistant to Duval Brothers 1924-28, assistant to Birch 1928, assistant to Howard Thurston 1928, stage manager to Harry Thurston 1931-32, assistant to Carter 1933, assistant to Mel-Roy, assistant to Virgil 1937, chief assistant to Will Rock 1938, assistant to Nicola 1938.

A manic-depressive, he was fired by all of the above. Improved after moving to Los Angeles. Assistant to Blackstone on 1943 USO tour. In 1944 switched to mentalism. Associated with Jim Sherman's shop in Chicago in 1945. Worked in Abbott's LA shop since 1948. On original AMA Board of Directors 1962-64. His good autobiography (written with Robert Parrish) is Inside Magic (1947, 224pp). Wrote Super Quiz (25pp). NOTE: Did not invent the Boston Box as assumed by Bobo and copied by Waters.

Coauthors: Robert Parrish

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George L. Boston
Color I-Do-As-U by George L. Boston

An amazing two-pack coincidence routine.

The performer exhibits two decks of cards, one red, the other blue. He picks up one deck and shows it to be quite ordinary, both back and front. He asks a spectator to assist by placing the deck face-down behind his back and cutting it any number of times, completing the cut each time then to remove two or three cards from the deck and place them in his (spectator's) pocket without looking at them.

He then requests spectator to square the pack and bring it from behind his back held in such a manner so that performer cannot get a glimpse of any card....

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George L. Boston & Robert Parrish
Inside Magic by George L. Boston & Robert Parrish

In this ebook, George Boston, old time magician, takes his readers behind the scenes of the magic shows. Associate and confidant of the great men of magic, he recalls the greatest "tricks" in his memory and in many cases tells "how it was done." The great names of magic - Thurston, Blackstone, Houdini, Kellar, Carter and Nicola - appear in these pages. The book is liberally illustrated with many photographs, and is written in the highly readable style that has made Robert Parrish's For Magicians Only and New Ways to Mystify such popular favorites.

  • About the Authors
  • Introduction
  • 1 How I Became a Magician
  • 2 The Illusion Show
  • 3 Thurston's Mysteries of India ...
★★★★★ $12
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Displaying 1 to 2 (of 2 products)