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Commercial Card Tricks Volume 2
by Ulysses Frederick Grant

#2 Illusions, Escape & Stage author

(1 customer rating) ★★★★

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Commercial Card Tricks Volume 2 by Ulysses Frederick Grant

This is a rare collection of card secrets that U. F. Grant sold separately. These were listed in his catalogs as single items or special props using cards. These were not part of his other card books. The complete directions for the prop tricks are included in this ebook. Many of these items can be made up from cards you may have around your home. If you have seen some of the effects in his early catalogs and wondered how they were done, then this PDF may satisfy your curiosity. A wealth of information that is hard to find elsewhere. This is volume 2 of a two volume set. You get all the following secrets:

MENGE'S CARD SABER - Catch a selected card on the tip of a saber

GRANT'S CARDS & SLATES - Predict 2 cards freely chosen on a slate. Featured by Dunninger

MOE TYPE CARD LOCATION - an ingenious card location based on estimation

JUMBO CARDS TO POCKET - 6 jumbo cards pass to your pocket, no palming

SIMPLEX 6 CARD REPEAT - no pocket cards or sleights

SLOW MOTION POKER DEAL - easy to do with no sleights or stacked decks

STRANGE INTERLUDE - a unique method to find 3 selected cards - ingenious

SUSPENSE - two spectators are unable to correctly name cards they see

TANNER ACE TRICK - a four ace trick where the aces wind up in a spectator's pocket

EASY ACES - give four aces to spectator who places one in deck and hides the others in his pocket. Performer is about to discern which ace is in the deck without touching cards - clever

JOKER TAKES LEAVE - a new version of two-card monte using jumbo cards for stage

TANNER CARD FRAME - cards visibly change in a see-thru frame. Ingenious

WALKING CARD - a card visibly walks through the air from the left hand to right hand

ZELLA AERIAL CARD - without reels or threads a selected card floats in the air

THINK - a card thought of (no force) is found inside an envelope. Only one card in envelope.

THIS IS IT - the words THIS IS IT are found to be printed on the back of freely selected card

TOUCH - performer writes a prediction on the face of a card and puts it face down on table. Any card is selected from face up deck (no force of any kind) that card is the same as written on the prediction card. Very baffling

FINALE CARD TRICK-- Spectator shuffles his own deck and hands it to you. You immediately start spelling out the names of different cards. On the last letter of each name, that card is turned over and it proves to be the card just spelled! Fools magicians

MENTAL X - a version of ACAAN using a special deck. Great version

ZELLA PREDICTION - a person selected a black card, another person names a red card. Magician removes red card from deck and the name of the first selected card is seen to be written on the face. A real magician fooler

1st edition 2017, 25 pages.
word count: 9909 which is equivalent to 39 standard pages of text