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Confession: The Ultimate Truth/Lie Divination test

by Avik Dutta

(2 customer ratings) ★★★★

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Confession: The Ultimate Truth/Lie Divination test by Avik Dutta


Have you ever thought seriously about lying? How about catching someone every time they lie? Though this is a bit far-fetched (You'd be considered Superman if you could), offering a serious demo to your viewers wouldn't be that far-fetched. With the New Confession Principle, you can catch just about anyone lying. Introducing a brand new principle in mentalism, with tons of applications, Confession by Avik accomplishes just what the name suggests; let them lie, but the truth behind that will be clear as daylight to you, as if they were confessing their lies. The ultimate Truth/Lie divination test is here, with which you can determine if your spectator is lying or telling the truth just by asking a mere couple of questions which they themselves have got the option to lie as much as they want, and you can also divine things which are entirely in their minds.

Bonus effect: TGBH

The marvelous but fictitious effect from the Movie "The Great Buck Howard" brought to life for the first time. Predict your spectators behavior anywhere and anytime, with nearly no props. Imagine you count from 1 to 5. A spectator is free to drop an object at anytime you are counting. You predicted where the spectator would stop you!

"Avik has provided his readers a pair of practical and workable ideas. His reductionist take on a modern classic is a great addition to the genre. The use of a single person adds a clarity that I admire. Due to its meager investment, "Confession" is a no-brainer for those interested in the truth-teller effect. Definitely recommended." - Sean Waters

1st edition 2013, 9 pages.
word count: 3048 which is equivalent to 12 standard pages of text

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