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by Eric Hawkesworth

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Conjuring by Eric Hawkesworth

This ebook gives directions for a number of conjuring tricks that depend on skill rather than costly apparatus for their magical effect. They include examples of mind-reading, escapology, ventriloquism, and stage illusions, and each section of the ebook is devoted to a particular type of act.

The success of any show depends on coordinating the movements with the patter. It is important that the two should be practiced together, so an outline script is provided with each trick.

  • Foreword
  • A Complete Conjuring Act
    • Effect
    • Accessories and Apparatus
    • Presenting the Routine: What to Say and Do
  • A Conjuror's Table
    • Making the Table
    • Effect Number 1
    • Effect Number 2
    • Effect Number 3
  • Magical Mind Reading
    • The Power of Thought
    • Top of the Pops
    • A Newspaper Prediction
  • Picture Magic
    • The Name Banner
    • My Dog Bonzo
    • The St. Christopher Trays
  • How to Make and Work a Talking Doll
    • Making the Frame
    • The Arms and Legs
    • The Doll's Head
    • Painting and Dressing the Doll
    • The Art of Ventriloquism
    • Presenting the Routine: What to Say and Do
  • Conjuring with Letters and Numbers
    • Lightning Cartoons
    • The Magic Square
    • Message from Below
  • The Magic of Escape
    • Skull of the Pharaoh
    • The All-Change Escape Illusion
    • Totem Pole Escape
  • The Stage Illusionist
    • A Double Box Illusion
    • Bowl of Water Production
    • The Phantom Fireman
    • Programmes for all Occasions
  • Children's Party Show 30 Minutes
  • Annual Dinner Show Two 15-Minute Performances
  • Cabaret or Circus Show 20 Minutes
  • Community Concert 30 Minutes
  • A Full Stage Illusion Show 30 Minutes

1st edition 1971, 86 pages; PDF 53 pages.
word count: 16678 which is equivalent to 66 standard pages of text