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Convention at the Capital 1999
by various


(1 customer rating) ★★★★★

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Convention at the Capital 1999 by various

Watch the highlights of the lectures given at the 1999 Convention at the Capital. Coin workers take note, there are three coin routines on this DVD.

(Each routine is also available as an individual download. Click on the name of the trick to go to the respective product page.)

  • Aldo Colombini: No-Palm Repeat Card To Pocket: Imagine, the spectator's selection magically travels to your pocket - twice - with no palming required.
  • Paul Green: Tradeshow Transposition: A working pro teaches you his most sought-after tradeshowstopper.
  • Lee Earle: Life Force Triangle: An amazing effect that gets them to take your business card home.
  • Gregory Wilson: Body Piercing: A very creative and magical one-coin routine.
  • Paul Wilson: Spellbound To Please: Scotland's top sleight-of-hand artist gives up one of his pet coin routines.
  • Chad Long: Ninja Coin & Ninja Key: Two extremely magical effects that make it appear you have the dexterity of a Ninja magic Master. Flip a coin high in the air and appear to catch it deftly between your thumb and forefinger. Or toss your keys in the air and catch the right key at your fingertips every time. It looks impossible, but it's easy to do.
  • Frank Balcerak: The Color-Changing Pen: A beautifully thought-out method for magically changing the color of your trusty sharpie.
  • Mark Strivings: Psychic Influence: A wonderful mental effect wherein the performer predicts a matched pair from a spectator-shuffled deck.