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Card Tricks for Cardicians
by various


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Card Tricks for Cardicians by various

Variety assortment of card routines of all kinds - self-working, sleight-of-hand, quickies, classics.

  • The Slow Motion Nudist Pack By John Derris
  • Ten Knights In A Card Room By Bill Hendricks
  • Color Change Illusion With Cards By Everett Lyda
  • New Three Card Monte Move By Victor Comello
  • All Fair Card Transposition By Jack Avis
  • Cardlepathy By Theo Dore
  • All Fair Hallucination By Jack Avis
  • The Switchless Switch By Edward Marlo
  • The Utility Prediction By Victor Comello
  • Sympathetic Card Miracle By Roy E. Smith
  • Super Do As I Do By Geoffrey Buckingham
  • A Double Change By Al Leech
  • Kings On The Loose By Al Leech
  • Preface To Out Of This World By Harry Riser
  • Billy Wiggins' Card Trick By Billy Wiggins
  • Cards Of Sympathy By Jack Avis
  • Five Card Super Vanish By Everett Lyda
  • Turnabout By Henry Durkin
  • Nest Egg By Henry Durkin
  • The Spectator's Force By Henry Durkin
  • Kidnapped By L. L. Ireland And Carlton King
  • Marlo's Hofzinser By Edward Marlo
  • The Buckle Break By Edward Marlo
  • Marlo Bottom Count By Edward Marlo
  • Mystical Location By Dr. R. Moershall
  • A Nervy Card Trick By Roy Walton
  • Hockley's Prediction By John Derris
  • The Invisible Deck
  • Strike Three And Out!
  • Four Plus One
  • Surprise Rise
  • Quickie Reverse
  • Hypnotism And Cards
  • Two Black Aces
  • Poker Supreme
  • Where Are The Aces?
  • Ideal Count Down
  • Without A Key Card

1st edition 1978, PDF 91 pages.
word count: 32183 which is equivalent to 128 standard pages of text