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Convention at the Capital 2001
by various

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Convention at the Capital 2001 by various
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Watch the highlights of the lectures given at the 2001 Convention at the Capital.

(Each routine is also available as an individual download. Click on the name of the trick to go to the respective product page.)

  • Paul Gertner: Photocopy: A demonstration of 'Invisible Palming' leads to a selection magically traveling to inside a wallet the spectator is holding. As a kicker, the selection is inside a folded photocopy of a hand with the selection printed on it. This is commercial magic at its best.
  • Daryl: Presto Attracto Card: Tow spectator selections are lost in the deck and then found in an amusing and entertaining fashion. Performed in the charming style only Daryl can provide.
  • Rich Marotta: The Great Penetrator: A coin magically penetrates a solid coaster resting on top of a glass.
  • David Regal: Heading North: Any card is selected and shuffled into the deck. The selection now inexplicably rises out of the deck. New method; easy to do. Leaves you virtually clean.
  • Jerry Andrus: Accusteal: A barehanded production of a steel ball bearing. A professional lesson in concealment.
  • Simon Lovell: Signature Transfer: A card is selected and signed. The signature magically transfers onto a completely different card.
  • Andrew Wimhurst: Kicked in the Face: Amazingly the aces are cut from a shuffled deck. For the kicker, four jacks are cut to completing four blackjacks.
  • Paul Wilson: Three Bets on the Band: Three extremely valuable, professional effects/tips with a finger ring and a rubberband.