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Cool Mysteries 1
by Gerard Zitta

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Cool Mysteries 1 by Gerard Zitta

9 Hands off effects you can do completely naked

Elimination: A card prediction without cards

The bills trip mystery

  • "Happy Hour"
  • "Money transfer"
Hands off my Lady!
  • 3 card monte
  • 4 card monte
  • 5 card monte
  • all hands off
Guess my card: The Performer thinks of a card and the Spectator(s) guess it, as well as its position in a virtual (or real) deck of cards.

Take my order: Imagine you are performing in a restaurant, you approach a table.
"I am your waiter. Are you ready to order?"
"Actually my name is …, I am a Performer"
"You are the waiter and I am the customer! I want you to guess what would be my order!"

Any candy at any number: A free will plot with invisible objects.

1st edition 2012, 39 pages.
word count: 7123 which is equivalent to 28 standard pages of text