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Coin Games
by Gerard Zitta


(3 reviews, 3 customer ratings) ★★★

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Coin Games by Gerard Zitta

Two hands off and impromptu effects you'll do for the rest of your life at any moment notice, and every time you'll meet somebody because they are fun to perform, simple and practical.

"Man both routines are very very clever! I love them! Especially the heads and tails one!!! I definitely use them! Well done mate!" - Romanos, creator of GERTI/Silver swindle

This ebook is a combination of the simplest plots you can perform in Magic: HEADS or TAILS? and WHICH HAND? They can be done separately as well.

The routine:

Take your wallet and casually throw a $100 bill (or just $1...but the higher, the better!) on the table. "Who wants to earn $100 at no risk?" This is a good way to get a participant and an audience! "I'll give you two opportunities to win $100, by playing two different games. For each game, you will have 50% chance of winning. BUT you can play only once, no more!"


"For the first one, I need a pen and a piece of paper?" (You can also pick up a beer mat or a business card.) Write TAILS for instance on the back without showing anybody, and place it face down on the table with the pen on top. "Now...Have you got an invisible coin? Don't worry, I'll give it back to you! Please show everybody that it is a normal coin. This side is HEADS and that side is TAILS. Please toss the coin. Is it HEADS or TAILS?"

In both cases, ask them to write it down as a proof if you want. Whatever they will say, your prediction will be ALWAYS right.


"I give you another chance. This time with a real coin." At this stage, you can add more money on the table if you want! Ask the participant to secretly hide the coin in one of his fists while you look away. "I am going to ask you to open one hand. Please open ONLY this one." To be fair, whatever the result is, you can even ask to open the other hand to prove everybody that they didn't cheat, and that the other hand is empty (or does not have an additional coin as well!). Again you will ALWAYS win.

Take your bills and continue with other effects or leave your business card!

1st edition 2013, 19 pages.
word count: 3505 which is equivalent to 14 standard pages of text

Reviewed by Claude Shaffer (confirmed purchase)
★★★★★   Date Added: Sunday 09 October, 2022

After reading the 1 star review, I decided to share my thoughts on Coin Games ... I do agree that this is not repeatable, yet many things we demonstrate are not. Coin Games should not be overlooked. I have been using this since I purchased it in 2013 and I find it to be a great lead into other things and also as a stand-alone demonstration.

Reviewed by Steve Forster (confirmed purchase)
★★★★   Date Added: Wednesday 08 January, 2020

Warning: This is not repeatable...for the same audience or for anyone witnessing the performance. This weakens the effect to the extent that it is completely worthless. With this type of effect it is necessary to perform it more than once for it to have any "credibility". For what it is, it is way over priced for what, to me, is essentially a trick based more on semantics and is no more than a gag. Like all of us, I've bought a lot of useless, worthless crap but this is the first time I'm writing to give anyone a heads up. My suggestion is to spend your hard-earned money (or however you've earned it) on something more worthwhile--maybe some X-ray glasses or a gizmo which allows you to throw your voice.

Reviewed by Sarin Suriyakoon
★★★★★   Date Added: Saturday 28 January, 2017

This routine is a great way to entertain with any situation. You only write something down on writable material and perform. With preparation and patter this can be "Sure-fire" method.