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by Kevin Parker

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Cyclone by Kevin Parker

They pick a card (no force), they return it to the deck, they shuffle - as much as they want. You pull out a written prediction (genuinely pre-written; no swami) and it tells them how many cards from the top of the deck their card will be after shuffling. They - or the performer - deals down to that number of cards and there it is, their card at the predicted location.

Note: The prediction may be off by one, two, three or possibly more places depending on how well you master this skill. You will also need a stripper deck even though you will not be using it to strip out any cards.

  • deck can be examined before and after and during.
  • performer does nothing to the cards.
  • everything happens in their hand.
"What you are getting is a well thought out utility system, that can be used to achieve a plethora of effects. As far as practicality and methodology goes, it doesn't get any better than this. Its easy to learn and very flexible. The outcome is quite organic as it can be spot on or off as per the prediction. Kevin has laid the plans for us to take this concept and create our own performance." - Cedric Taylor

1st edition 2017, 4 pages.
word count: 1256 which is equivalent to 5 standard pages of text