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Daniel MacMillan

Daniel MacMillan

Daniel MacMillan has dabbled in magic since he was a young boy. In his college years he wrote "The Gambler's Palm Revisited". This did not generate much interest in the general magic population until Jason England performed the One Hand Turn Over Switch in the movie Shade. Since Daniel is now retired, he plans on publishing additional new sleight-of-hand material that should be of great interest to all of you reading this bio.

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Daniel MacMillan
The Gambler's Palm Revisited by Daniel MacMillan

This manuscript contains card switches, palming, side steals, palm replacement, and other sleights using the gambler’s palm. More advanced items are also included such as palming during a tabled riffle shuffle and the one hand turn over switch that was used in the movie Shade.

This is the second edition of Daniel MacMillan's book The Gambler's Palm Revisited. The first edition was published in 1977. Daniel subsequently published several items in various publications by Ken Simmons. In 1999, Ken Simmons published the second edition of The Gambler's Palm Revisited. This second edition included...

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