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The Gambler's Palm Revisited
by Daniel MacMillan


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The Gambler's Palm Revisited by Daniel MacMillan

This manuscript contains card switches, palming, side steals, palm replacement, and other sleights using the gambler’s palm. More advanced items are also included such as palming during a tabled riffle shuffle and the one hand turn over switch that was used in the movie Shade.

This is the second edition of Daniel MacMillan's book The Gambler's Palm Revisited. The first edition was published in 1977. Daniel subsequently published several items in various publications by Ken Simmons. In 1999, Ken Simmons published the second edition of The Gambler's Palm Revisited. This second edition included the full text of the original. Plus, Ken included the other items that Daniel included in Ken's publications. In 1982, Ken arranged a meeting between Ken, Daniel, and Ed Marlo. As a result, Ed published three items related to the material in Daniel's book. These items were also included in this second edition.

Only a handful of magicians obtained a copy of these editions and only a few were printed. Then, in 2004 the movie SHADE appeared. This movie featured the One-Hand Turn Over Switch which was also demonstrated by Jason England in the Tricks-of-the-Trade additional feature. The incorporation into the movie of this switch of one card for another while apparently turning over a single card generated much interest in Daniel's book. It also generated much frustration due to the limited number of copies available. Here is a sampling of some of the other material included in this edition:

  • The Flexible Palm
  • Side Steal to Flexible Palm
  • Secret Card Add, along with Daniel's handling of Close Call
  • Shank Bottom Transfer
  • Right-Hand (One-Hand) Side Steal
  • Left-Hand Side Steal
  • The Pick-Up
  • The Dribble Pick-Up
  • A Novel Control
  • Improved Shuffle Palm
  • A Slew of Cannibal Moves (Moves, Moves, Moves!)
  • A Set-Up Procedure For A Slew Of Cannibal Moves
  • Visual Retention Poker Hand Switch
  • Pressure Fan Cull
  • Also by Ed Marlo:
    • Marlo On MacMillan's Switch
    • Technical Variant Side Steal
    • Olram's Fan Cull

1st edition 1977; 1st digital edition 2016, 71 pages.
word count: 24604 which is equivalent to 98 standard pages of text

Reviewed by Eddie McColl (confirmed purchase)
★★★★★   Date Added: Sunday 05 May, 2024

Great book for a great move and applications.