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Danny Crauwels

Danny Crauwels

Danny Crauwels was born in Wilrijk and currently lives in Turnhout, Belgium. He is a retired chief constable, assistant to the senior crown prosecutor and professor at University of Antwerp. He studied criminology at Gent and Leuven.

Danny performs as a close-up magician where he creeps into the skin of Commissaire Maigret, the famous detective in the books of Georges Simenon. He is known for his act where he solves the murder of a Dutch police officer in the red light district of Paris.

His most significant contribution to magic is his work on memorized stacks: Stack and System Maigret, which is based on scientific insights on our brain and how and what we remember easily.


Coauthors: Chris Wasshuber

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Danny Crauwels & Chris Wasshuber
The Stack and System Maigret by Danny Crauwels & Chris Wasshuber

The problem with all existing memorized stack systems is that they use memorization systems not specifically designed for a memorized stack. Most memory systems are designed for the retention of LOTS of information for a relatively SHORT amount of time. When Dominic O'Brien memorizes 54 decks of cards (more than 2800 cards) with a particular journey system then he retains that information for a couple of hours max. After that he has forgotten the sequence. He has to, because around the corner waits another memory challenge where he has to memorize many other things. However, the magician ideally wants to remember...

★★★★★ $20
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