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The Stack and System Maigret
by Danny Crauwels & Chris Wasshuber


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The Stack and System Maigret by Danny Crauwels & Chris Wasshuber

The problem with all existing memorized stack systems is that they use memorization systems not specifically designed for a memorized stack. Most memory systems are designed for the retention of LOTS of information for a relatively SHORT amount of time. When Dominic O'Brien memorizes 54 decks of cards (more than 2800 cards) with a particular journey system then he retains that information for a couple of hours max. After that he has forgotten the sequence. He has to, because around the corner waits another memory challenge where he has to memorize many other things. However, the magician ideally wants to remember one stack (only 52 cards and their locations) FOREVER. This is a different set of requirements to traditional memory aids and systems.

Danny Crauwels was the first to realize this and to design a stack and system which harness parts of the brain never used before for a memorized stack. Danny has worked closely with specialists at a memory-clinic to incorporate the latest scientific insights and understandings of how the human brain works, and why certain pieces of information are retained much longer and much easier than others. These scientific insights are exploited in his System Maigret.

"Thanks so much for sharing this information. Lots of food for thought. A whole refreshing new look at memory and mnemonics. This is exciting because it is new ground." - Dennis Loomis
The system gives you "anchors" that are of a totally different nature than the other systems and due to their specific property they directly address a specific part of our brain. The result is that there are almost 26 cards that you will not have to learn at all. You will already know them by heart once you have constructed your personal memorized deck. We dare to go even further: many of them you will not be able to forget, even if you wanted to!

The system works with "associations" (as the stacks Nikola and Aronson do) and as in those stacks, after a while you don't need the associations anymore. But with the associations from the stack Maigret there is something very weird going on. Despite the fact that you don't need them anymore once you master your memorized deck, they linger on in your memory. There occurs a sort of internal and reciprocal identification process. These lingering associations provide a lifeline should you forget a card-location pair.

Additionally that fact gives you the supplemental bonus that it permits you to construct tricks that are based on your memorized deck, but that are not using normal playing cards.

Of course the system Maigret is not a magic bullet where you will not need to do anything. You will still need to spend time to practice and repeat your stack and learn the various aspects of it, but due to its design and suitability for the human brain, you have a much better chance to remember your stack for a much longer time with much less practice sessions between performances than with any other system.

"From all the card systems that I have knowledge of, the method Maigret is perhaps the easiest to learn by heart. If you ever have tried already and gave up on the way, then it is absolutely worth it to try it once more with Maigret." - Gerrit Brengman (Vice President of FISM)

Keep in mind that this ebook consists of THREE major parts:

1. System Maigret: The system is quite broad and it can be applied, at least partially, to other stacks, or other applications where you need to remember an ordered list of things for a very long time.

2. Stack Maigret: This is a complete stack of 52 cards adopted from Dutch to the English language. The stack is very flexible and cards can be moved around and exchanged with a bit of work and thought. But for most people the stack will be useful as is and will not require any modifications.

3. Miracles you can do: There are two groups of miracles. One set of miracles is completely independent of the stack you are using. In fact the idea works even if you have not memorized a stack. It is such a powerful idea that this alone is worth the price of this ebook. The second group of miracles makes use of the associations used for your stack and therefore requires you to memorize the Stack Maigret before you can perform them.

1st Dutch edition 2010, 1st English edition 2016, 115 pages.
word count: 35157 which is equivalent to 140 standard pages of text

Reviewed by stan bialowas (confirmed purchase)
★★★★★   Date Added: Tuesday 23 February, 2016

Very interesting system to memorize a stack and highly recommended! great thinking