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David Berglas

David Berglas

(30th July 1926 - 3rd November 2023)

Real name was Glassberg. Fled Nazi Germany, moving to Britain at age 12. Lying about his age, joined US Army (Intelligence) in WWII.

Learned magic in 1947 after meeting Ken Brooke. Studied psychotherapy. Pro since 1953 with unusual magic, pick-pocketing, memory feats, and mentalism. TV debut in 1953. Starred in several TV series in Britain (1955-67, 1986), Holland (1966-69), Germany, and Sweden. MIMC 1958 (youngest ever). 1996 Magic Circle Magician of the Year. King Rat of the Grand Order of Water Rats 1978-79. 1980 Swedish Magic Circle Gold Plaque. British Ring Past President. President, The Magic Circle, 1989-98. Father of Marvin Berglas.

Wrote David Berglas Reveals—Nearly Everything (1967), The David Berglas File No.1 (1976), and A Question of Memory (1988, 128pp, with G.L. Playfair). Bio and tricks are David Britland, The Mind and Magic of David Berglas (2002, 556pp), and Richard Kaufman, The Berglas Effect (2011, 391pp). Audio. Video.

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David Berglas
David Berglas Interview: International Man of Mystery by David Berglas

In the 80s Martin Breese had the opportunity to interview David Berglas backstage after watching his one man show at Caesar's Palace in England. David captivated his audience with fast, skilled, entertaining and baffling magic.

Backstage Martin had the chance to talk to him for several hours and this recording, which has been digitally improved, was the outcome. Martin Breese tried to wrestle the secret of his amazing, Any Card at Any Number effect from him but with little success but he did perform it for Martin right there and then and every moment and move has been recorded live.


★★★★★ $15
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