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David de Léon

David de Léon

David de Léon is an amateur magician and mentalist (amateur in the sense of: “What an amateur”). By day he is a user experience designer, researcher, inventor and public speaker.

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David de Léon
Some Uses for Smoke Machines in Mentalism by David de Léon

A short and whimsical booklet that explores the uses of smoke machines in mentalism. Even if you never chose to use smoke in your performances, the examples will inspire you to think about ways in which your mentalism might look to your audience.

You will read about ways in which smoke can be used as a visual metaphor, for gags, or to illustrate your "fauxcess" (a term that Derren Brown and Andy Nyman coined to denote the implied method that you want your audience to think you are using).

Fun fact: Derren Brown read the ad text for this book (back when it was a small Xeroxed and hand-cut...

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