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Some Uses for Smoke Machines in Mentalism
by David de Léon

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Some Uses for Smoke Machines in Mentalism by David de Léon

A short and whimsical booklet that explores the uses of smoke machines in mentalism. Even if you never chose to use smoke in your performances, the examples will inspire you to think about ways in which your mentalism might look to your audience.

You will read about ways in which smoke can be used as a visual metaphor, for gags, or to illustrate your "fauxcess" (a term that Derren Brown and Andy Nyman coined to denote the implied method that you want your audience to think you are using).

Fun fact: Derren Brown read the ad text for this book (back when it was a small Xeroxed and hand-cut physical booklet) and was "aghast" at seeing the word "fauxcess" used to sell something. I was delightedly agog at him being aghast.

Now that I have name-dropped Derren, let me also name-drop Luke Jermay. He read the booklet and shared an idea with me that is now included with his kind permission. If these two magnificent, but truth be told, incidental names, are not enough to sway you to buy this tract, let me mention that any proceeds that I make will be donated in full to the Fistula Foundation, which provides restorative surgery to mothers with obstetric fistula.

May your mentalism be shrouded in smoke from now on!

1st paper edition 2019, 1st digital edition 2023, PDF 11 pages.
word count: 2369 which is equivalent to 9 standard pages of text