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David Goodsell

David Goodsell

David Goodsell is a recipient of a Literary Fellowship from The Academy of Magical Arts, The Milbourne Christopher Literary Award, is a Past National President and Honorary Life Member of the Society of American Magicians, and Editor Emeritus of M-U-M magazine, of which he was editor for nearly 30 years. He is a Member of the Inner Circle with Gold Star of The Magic Circle and has been a member of the I.B.M. and S.A.M. since 1966.

David holds degrees from Harvey Mudd College, Harvard University and The University of Georgia. “Dr. Goodsell,” a title he seldom uses, was a school teacher, college professor and administrator, headmaster of three prep schools, director of a science education center and consultant, author and editor during his 40-year career in education.

Since his retirement from M-U-M magazine a few years ago he and his late friend, Larry White, published three volumes of Oracle, the bizarre/storytelling magic magazine.

David lives with his wife Jann, no cats, no dogs, no birds, no fish, in Orem, Utah at the foot of the Wasatch Mountains but returns to the southern California beaches of his youth at least once a year.


Coauthors: Larry White

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Larry White & David Goodsell
The Complete Oracle by Larry White & David Goodsell

In recent years magic has experienced a renewed and keen interest in mental, bizarre and storytelling magic. Magic that does more than just fool the eyes and mind, magic that tugs on the heart strings, that stirs arcane fears and longing, magic that grabs the audience and won't let go. Sometimes the experience is light and airy, sometimes it probes a bit deeper and provokes self analysis and even resolve, sometimes it is just plain spooky.

David Goodsell and the late Larry White spent three years of their lives gathering the best of this kind of magic in their unique Oracle Magic Magazine...

★★★★★ $35
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