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David M. Roth

David M. Roth


Born in USA. Pro mnemonic expert in Los Angeles. Famous for his mail-order course (since c1910). In early 1920s helped David Bamberg 'Fu-Manchu' develop a systematic 2-person mind-reading code that Bamberg modified with The Ushers who then used it.

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David M. Roth
Roth Memory Course by David M. Roth

This is a wonderful course in seven lessons to improve your memory. It covers all fundamentals and shows how to apply these mnemotechnic tools to remember for example names, faces, spelling and numbers. It also gives applications for magic tricks. You will learn how to memorize a shuffled deck of 52 cards or how to remember the knight tour on the chess board. It is likely that Roth was a magician himself, since he mentions his friend Henry Hatton from Magicians' Tricks fame. Dai Vernon learned from this course and mentions it on the Revelations video tapes.

Written in 1918 and as good as any book on 'how to improve your memory'...

★★★★★ $7
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