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David Misner

David has been performing magic ever since his mom hired a magician for his 9th birthday. He loves to take old ideas and revamp them, turning them into modern illusions for the working close-up artist. Although still young, David has created many effects, some of which have been praised by magicians and laymen alike.

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David Misner
The Inversion Theory by David Misner

This ebook is all about reversing a card and includes five original ideas.

  • Minority: A chosen card is pushed flush in the center of the deck, and instantly reverses itself.
  • Flip Side: The deck is spread to show that it is completely normal, and then almost instantly a card reverses itself, the previously chosen card.
  • Don't Blink: A ridiculously visual reversal. An out-jogged card reverses itself with a flick of the wrist.
  • Wrong Turn: A card is lost, and the wrong one is found. The magician states that something must have been preventing the card from coming to the top, and when the deck...
★★★★★ $15
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