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The Inversion Theory
by David Misner


(2 reviews, 2 customer ratings) ★★★★★

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The Inversion Theory by David Misner

This ebook is all about reversing a card and includes five original ideas.

  • Minority: A chosen card is pushed flush in the center of the deck, and instantly reverses itself.
  • Flip Side: The deck is spread to show that it is completely normal, and then almost instantly a card reverses itself, the previously chosen card.
  • Don't Blink: A ridiculously visual reversal. An out-jogged card reverses itself with a flick of the wrist.
  • Wrong Turn: A card is lost, and the wrong one is found. The magician states that something must have been preventing the card from coming to the top, and when the deck is spread the card is found to be reversed.
  • Flip Reverse It (FRI): An out-jogged card visually flips over with a shake of the deck.
1st edition 2008; 18 pages.
word count: 2316 which is equivalent to 9 standard pages of text

Reviewed by Sean Raf
★★★★★   Date Added: Sunday 13 April, 2008

Description: This is a PDF file conceived by one of our very own forum members David Misner. It offers 5 original inversion plots for you to have a play with. Don't know what an inversion plot is? Let me explain...

What?: So, what's an Inversion Plot? An Inversion Plot is an effect where a card(s) is found reversed in the deck whereas before it was not. There are a number of them out there, most notable Chris Kenner's 'Perversion' found in Totally Out of Control and Aaron Fisher's renowned Revolution #9.

So without further ado let's go straight into looking at the meat.


Minority: In this, the deck is shuffled and a card selected, memorized and placed out-jogged face down into the spread face down deck. The card is cleanly pushed into the spread amongst the other cards and with no funny moves the deck is spread again to show the card has impossibly reversed itself.

This one is really great, and if you already have an Inversion Routine of your own, is a lovely phase to add in. It's super clean and super easy to do too; like anything however it will take practice to get looking natural and smooth.

The Flip Side: With The Flip Side, the card is chosen and lost in the deck completely. After showing that all the cards in the deck are currently face up, the spread is closed and the magic happens. When the deck is spread again, there is clearly one card face-down that wasn't before... The selected card.

This one is nice, simple and very direct. The deck is cleanly shown before the revealed card, you can cleanly spread each card without worrying about a block-push off or some kind of crazy impromptu rough/smooth principle. There are no funny movements and it looks as clean as it sounds.

Don't Blink: Well this one, I have to say is my favourite. A selected card is left out-jogged face-down in a face-down deck. As the deck is turned face up, the card stays face down... Impossibly, the card has inversed itself whilst trapped in the deck AND out-jogged.

As I've said, this one is my favourite. I love the kind of tricks that have that kind of "Wait... What?!" double take kind of feel to them. With this you get just that, it just seems like there's no explanation for it at all because it happens THAT fast.

Wrong Turn: This one I believe is by our very own forum moderator RebelAce69 (AKA Cody Cowan Lust). A card is selected and lost in the deck, the magician--with the proudest face he can muster--turns over the top card revealing it to be... The wrong card. Well, something had to go wrong, and as it happens it has! The spectators card has reversed itself in the deck!

Well, this one is really cool, again another great phase to add to an existing routine... Even an ambitious card if you like, the inversion plot is really versatile. This, for me is probably the hardest in the PDF to do, but if you can get it down smooth and easy you have a winner on your hands.

Flip Reverse It (FRI): In FRI the spectators card is left out-jogged face-down in the face-down deck. There's no question that it is indeed their card in fact it can be signed on both sides. As the magician goes to show the card or with a shake of the deck, the card visually and with no cover turns face-up. The deck is immediately spread to show it is still in the center and you are left clean as a whistle.

The reason I've been able to go on about this one more is because it's my own contribution to the PDF. I won't make any comments on this as that would bias, but I will say that it can have that "Wait... What?!" feel to it if you get it cool. One more thing to note is that in the PDF it states that the trick is a simplified version of an Earnest Earick routine, it's not - It does however utilise a slight variation of one of his moves; just to clear that up.


Teaching: The teaching in the PDF is really cool, simple and tells you everything you need to know - no fat. You also have some crystal clear pictures that show you what you should be doing from your point of view which is really helpful.

Other Thoughts: The price, at $12 for five inversion routines is in my opinion a really decent price; only £6 for the Brits.

Just an extra note on my FRI routine, I have a simpler version which I had after the PDF had been made so if you eventually get the PDF and want to know my simpler version feel free to drop me a PM with proof of purchase and I'll get back to you!

All in all, this is a really cool PDF and if you're unfamiliar with Inversion Routines it's a great place to start and try and come up with your own complete routine.

Cheers, - Sean

Reviewed by Mikey Mejia
★★★★★   Date Added: Sunday 13 April, 2008

omg this is awesome! great concepts, great pictures, great PDF! And that mikey mejia guy, wow what a genius! lol

good job david!