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Deepak Roy Chowdhury

Deepak Roy Chowdhury

(1942 - )

Indian amateur magician. Works as an inspector with Calcutta Telephones. Deepak got his first lessons in magic, acting and theatre from his father at the age of 12. Drama and theatre have been passions with him, and this reflects in the presentation of his type of magic.

Deepak has to his credit a large number of plays in Bengali, both one-act and full-length, which have been published in various local magazines. He has won several prizes as a writer, director and actor. He is a regular contributor of short stories to the local magazine Galpo Guchcha, and a column on magic for beginners in the daily newspaper Ganashakti. He is one of the State Committee members of the West Bengal Democratic Writers and Artists Association. Deepak is also a very enthusiastic painter, sculptor and craftsman.

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Deepak Roy Chowdhury
Magic and Story by Deepak Roy Chowdhury

Excerpt from the Preface:

Magic is an art. And I believe art depicts life. So it is obvious that magic must also depict life. But a mere trick can not depict life. Hence a trick is not art.

The trick with its secret and the strength within it to create surprise is a mere gadget. Utilising this gadget (trick) the magician creates the art which is called Magic. It has got similarity to other art forms also. A Painter creates a picture with brush and colour. A Sitar Player plays a sitar to create Ragas. Similarly the Magician creates Magic with the use of a trick. The more the presentation...

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